Rolling Beasts or what?

Hi, Im a heat mech, and I recently got rolling beasts. Since this seems to give good health and has low weight, and the 40 heat damage done by heat legs is minimal, should I use rolling beasts?

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If you have side push weapon like recko or terrorblade then sure

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Well, it depends … first look for the right weight. That is, put the torso, weapons, heat modules, accessories and then see which legs come better to increase your HP.

These legs are not very light in reality, but they are quite useful if you don’t carry charge and hook.

Just think that it suits you …

Personally I would like to have an energy cart, I think it weighs only 114.


yes if you have push back weapons like terror cry

Depends. They’re good if you have long-range weapons, where the 3 walk would make them easier to use - especially with, for example, desolation. I personally prefer heat legs, even if the heat damage is minimal every bit helps. Plus my most-used weapons are 3-6 range.


o.O What happened to it??

Did it mutate or something?

what do you mean dont get it

It looks way different. Like a beam weapon or something?

I think the fact they move 3 instead if everyone else’s two makes them more versatile than any other legs. I would use them in cooperation with a mech designed to utilize the extra movement .

So if I was a heronmark terrorblade Crimsonraprture close range these would be good legs?

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Whew, I think so.

is scared

Lol I only have the heronmark and the legs so far, dont worry

Yes . If you had a mech that needs to remain in close quarters those legs are ideal. Same I f you relied on distance like a push mech . it has always been better to be as versatile as possible .