Rolling Beasts or Iron Boots?

I just got Rolling Beasts, and I am not sure which is better, Rolling Beasts or Iron Boots. Please let me know what is better, because I really don’t know ;-;

  • Rolling Beasts (Aka physical rollers :wink:
  • Iron Boots (A lot of hp :P)

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A little hp difference is nothing compared to the mobility advantage.
Sacrifice an insignificant amount of health for movement.

They serve much better if you have a mythical hp

So, its not by like THAT much? Alright. Rolling Beasts!


IRON BOOTS ------------------- (138), 2 Jump, 478 HP, 163-213 PysDmg, 1 Push
ROLLING BEASTS(L)---------- (134), 3 Walk, 451 HP, 160-242 PysDmg, 1 Push

For 27 hp,it would be a waste not to use them.


That doesn’t matter.
Works perfectly fine on free builds,too.
27 hp will make no difference considering a physical does an average of 750+ per turn (2 hits plus drone)!


I also have Rolling Beasts but I would not like to waste such good legs so I would use them for a heat mech

They’re totally usable on any type. Definitely work well on a phys, use them man!

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