Roll in peace xxxTentacion

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He lost his gf if you know what i’m talking about.

He what


That’s not what he lost

u sure m8?

Yep. I’m quite sure that he did not lose his girlfriend.

Why don’t you go search him up?

I was talking the past lmao.

But seriously…tf is this topic?

Search him up.

Then I’ll explain.

Did he died?Yes i’m stupid.


The title of this topic is Roll in peace. one of his songs. but I used it as “R.I.P xxxTentacion”.

How does nobody know this??? is everyone here an underground nerd?

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Rest in peace mate.

The reason is because he was a 2017 meme.
Nobody cared about him at 2018.

Now i’m kinda ‘‘SAD!’’

He’s been shot right?



We’re not here to make fun of him now lad.

I will make fun of him because he was a bad person

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Maybe but he didn’t deserved a death.

A lot of people are dying rn with way shittier lives and there is some bad person and a bad rapper who lived fullfilling life rethink what you doing

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Who’s that?

Some American raper that became populuar.