Roll back the update that forces 2v2?

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  • No

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I wonder how i can make it so everyone sees this thread and can give his honest opinion about it?

@Sarah @Mohadib just look at the community for once.


You summoned the wrong sarah lol


totally summoned the wrong sarah its this one @Sarah247

They won’t roll it back.

They haven’t done it before, even with community hate (e.g reloaded or nerfs)

U r too late buddy

In addition, this topic just represents community’s opinion

90% agreement rate!

@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Please take a look at this as the players have spoken (many non-forum members share the same thoughts).
Heed their call!

I think at this point it’s quite obvious it wont be reversed and I think everyone’s pretty much got settled in now so it would be wrong to reverse it now anyway.

therefore, I have to withdraw previous support for rolling back the update but I do think players deserve more compensation than we got for the sudden change so I’d support a movement for free boxes, cash or even a half decent version of the item portal which amounted to a dissapointment for most.

TL;DR: it’s over kid. we faught the good fight but its time to come to terms with reality.


At least they gave us the huge gold arena boost and the item portal, I have to say they handled it pretty well.

Arena waiting times are still ridiculous. This didn’t solve anything. Player count is fake/boosted.

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No. I have the feeling that most of the new arena players are new, as I have been fighting a lot of guys in rank 6-9 I have never fought before.
Before the update I fought a cycle of maybe 30 people over and over again.