Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


I see you have 2 Sorrows now, I can give you a build that needs 2 Sorrows :wink:

Just ask me for it if you want.


Always open to suggestions and input on this account. :slight_smile:


Try a terrorblade, dual sorrow desolation build. Works great against energies.


i love this topic.
it just adds something to the mix.


Day 22


First and foremost I spent this day doing the Item Portal. Not mainly in hopes of getting the new drone for use with my Heat mech, but because I wanted to get as many Epics out of it as possible for transforming items to junk legendary items in the near future. I figured if I got like a minimum of 10 Epic items it would be worth it for the Tokens I put into refilling. I'll post below a list of the Epics I got today from the Item Portal. Also, I did continue upgrading my 2nd mech, so the day wasn't totally lost. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Reached Level 144
  • Upgraded Devouring Paws to Legendary 40/40
  • Further upgraded weaponry on my 2nd mech.

Tomorrow I should be back on the XP grind and be at or around 147, and then the next day I’ll go all out and grind to max level 150. All the while I will keep getting items together to upgrade my 2nd mech. Once all weapons are max legendary and the e-m modules are Legendary 1/40 I will probably transform and upgrade the Zarkares torso to swap out with the Brutality on my 1st mech. Until tomorrow, take care.

P.S. The list of Epics I got from Item Portal today…

Malice Beam
Reckless Beam x2
Grim Reaper Torso
Red Wrath
Vandal Rage
Lightning Supporters
Zarkares Torso
Devouring Paws


This topic depresses me


Care to elaborate?


I think about all the time I spent on this game. It took me 6 months to get an annihilation. 4 months to get last words. 9 months to reach rank 4. You’ll do it in no time. Its like watching bourbon get poured into a sewer.


Well… thanks for the rude and depressing comments. Glad my fun little idea for a topic that people could visit daily and follow my progress has turned into seemingly a bunch of people being depressed over said progress… :worried:


Just the Best topic, EVER!


Lol I’m just stunned by how much progress you’ve made. I’m not trying to be a downer I just have no words. You are clearly a very dedicated player and doing us all a service. This is one of the best kept threads I’ve ever seen on the forums and you gave us all something to be interested in. You have my respect and I hope I didn’t insult you. :+1:




Day 23


Zero Epics today, so pretty glad I farmed the ones I did yesterday from that Item Portal. Aside from that, I used today to run OD6 on Insane as much as possible and replenished my Gold quite a bit. I was also able to get some significant progress on the upgrades to my 2nd mech. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Reached Level 147
  • Fully upgraded the Sorrow on my 2nd mech to Legendary 40/40
  • Further upgraded weaponry and drone on 2nd mech.

With the drone and most weaponry on my 2nd mech at level 36, I’m hoping tomorrow will see all of them at max Legendary 40/40. Still unsure if the Vandal Rage and Heat Bomb are going to be mainstays on that mech, so I haven’t touched them yet as far as upgrading. Also, tomorrow I should be max level 150 on the account. Marking just over 3 weeks to do such a thing. Until tomorrow, take care.


you me battle now how about it


you are very lucky with the legs, I’m still not able to make even 1 myth: (


Nice job on rank 10
It’s really great.


Day 24


Had a migraine so apologies for the late upload, I took a nap to try to help make it go away. I fell a little short on both my goals from yesterday. So tomorrow I will hit Level 150, and I will begin working on getting up some myth food to transform the Zarkares body on my 2nd mech. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Reached Level 149
  • Upgraded weaponry on 2nd mech to Legendary 40/40 (Except for Terrorblade which is 38/40.
  • Upgraded Drone on 2nd mech to Legendary 40/40

Tomorrow will see me hit the Level 150 milestone for sure. Also, today I only got 1 Epic, it was a Blue Madness. Until tomorrow, take care.


Post a pic of your level 150 box…


Was an Epic Golem Torso.


Give me that.
I need it for Diamond Shell nostalgia purposes.