Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


I’m probably the only one who doesn’t know but what are you gonna do with the tokens until you finished getting to your goal of how much tokens you’ll save


How much gold do you get from those lvl 7 bases, when you wake up or away for about 8 hours?


Saving up for either a 1500 Token Supreme Chest event, or the 1000 Token 5 Premium Pack event.

They cap out at 4100 Gold each. So 16400 Gold total.


Thanks for the info, and replying back… :grinning:

I thought the bank bases be more at least. Especially at lvl 7


Day 88: Borrow a Sorrow?


Yeah, I decided to upgrade the Sorrow. I mean, my Heat Mech has 3 Weapons. It was about time the third one got some love. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Transformed Sorrow to Mythical 1/50
  • Finished Raid with 2550 score (Currently 156)
  • Increased Tokens to 1298
  • Received multiple of the new drone from item Portal (yay?)

Tomorrow I will grind some Gold out of campaign in order to work on Upgrading the Sorrow. It might not be fully upgraded tomorrow, but in the next two or so days it should be. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 89: Progress


Upgrading and grinding. Not much more to report. ANyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Sorrow to 34/50
  • Increased Physical Resistance to +30% (8/10) in Arena Shop
  • Increased Tokens to 1312
  • Finished Raid T3 with 3509 Score (Currently Ranked 570th)

Tomorrow I might be able to finish upgrading the Sorrow. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 90: Well... That Was Unexpected...



Well, as seen above, I unexpectedly poked my head into Rank 6 for the first time ever on this account today. That was fun. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Reached Rank 6 (0 Stars) for the first time ever on this account
  • Upgraded Sorrow to 39/50
  • Finished Raid T4 with 4496 Score (Currently Ranked 620)

Tomorrow or the next day should see the Maxing of the Sorrow. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 91: Long Day


Long day today, only got two full things of fuel in plus the additional fuel from completing all the daily quests. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Sorrow to 43/50
  • Finished Raid T5 with a 3226 Score (Currently Ranked 565)
  • Increased Tokens to 1342

Tomorrow I’ll work hard on getting the Sorrow maxed. Until tomorrow, take care.


I just noticed… your heat mech’s energy sucks.


Thanks! :smiley:


the energy mech needs intense care.
those mechs look like rank 8 mechs and that energy feels so out of place.
even my main could beat something with heat cap and cooling stats that low.
the heat mech is lookin gud,just needs more energy cap and regen.
the phys mech…ZARKARES IS BETTER KEK.also why the hammer?i think an axe will do better cus then you can hit the enemy with both nightfall and anihilation.this mech also needs more energy.
(you probably knew all of this and i just wasted my time)


That’s cause he is a rank 8.


well sir whimzical the first,im in rank 10, but do my mechs deserve to be in rank 10?


idk, you tell me


This mate managed to get rank6 in 3 months. He obviously knows what hes doing.
Smart guys think complementarity and line up, not builds individually.
If i were you id question myself not adasho.


why am i alive


That’s my way of giving advice… Take off a plate and put on an Engine. 2000 health is the minimum for Physicals.


He doesn’t need to, lol.

Almost all his weapons are energy free.


Just one. For a teleporter, at least a regen or something.


Don’t waste weight on something that’s already a lost cause. Plus, you don’t need a whole regen module to use a teleporter.