Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Then you still got awhile yet, later it will benefit you by a lot. Damn…


Ha, so many likes on this post…:grin::laughing:

I have better mechs yet you are the same rank as me…:neutral_face:


Nice job of a new account bro well done


Day 84: I Needs Da Money



Pretty much just did the Gold Portal 3 times for those sweet sweet Tokens and then used the rest of my Energy throughout the day on Campaign for Gold. So not much to report today. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Increased Tokens to 1141
  • Finished Raid with a score of 2966 (Currently Ranked 670)

I might go through Raid again and try to get a better score, but this is one of those Tiers where my lack of appropriate Resistances and Weapons really shows. Also, Arena was filled with the usual early season riff raff. So, I’m expecting better results tomorrow. Until then, take care.


Not pictured here is the 30~ some odd Energy I had that I sort of forgot about. So my Gold is actually in the 700k+ region at this time.


Lucky. In my 6 months of playing, I’ve never gotten a Zarkares torso.



Your Archimonde would fall pretty quick to a hugger like mine.
I’d advice you to get a BackBreaker or something.That would mean giving up on a plate,which isn’t that big of a deal :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice Thread. The only thing I don’t understand is the term “F2P”. I don’t want to sound like a noob, but I don’t understand such phrase. I just learned a few weeks ago that p2w means “pay to win”. anyone wanna explain what F2P means?


I am just guessing, but does it mean “free to play”???


When you dont pay money to get things in the game
Pay to win is when you buy things in game, Like most of us top ranks


Is it possible to reach top ranks without paying???


Yes, But it takes a long time, paying is like taking away time


No, unless if you have very, VERY, VERY good luck and a whole lifetime to waste,


Day 85: Mini Super Post


Today I decided to make a mini super post with the inclusion of the Arena Shop progress in image form along with my current Raid progress. Anyway, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Finished Raid T6 with a Score of 4,579 (Currently 448 position wise)
  • Increased Tokens to 1159

Tomorrow should see at least one Epic transformed into Legendary 1/40 to be used as Mythical food. And, once again I will have the highest leveled Item Factory pumping out Power Kits to get as many of the Rare variety as possible so that in the coming days I can quickly gather 5 Legendary items together to use for the cause.

I may have to upgrade some Rares to Epic in order to do all 5 as my Epic supply is a little low at the moment (Currently 43, but not all can be used to transform. Such as my Max R-E Protectors, ShortRanger and a few modules and weapons I want to keep around just in case).

Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 86: Oh Baby a Triple...


A day of upgrading items for Myth food. That's about it. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded and Transformed Face Shocker to 1/40
  • Upgraded and Transformed Blazing Legs to 1/40
  • Upgraded and Transformed Vandal Rage to 1/40
  • Increased Tokens to 1244

Tomorrow I’ll try to get another Mythical food made. 2 left until the next Mythical transformation on the account. Until tomorrow, take care.


Lost two matches in arena, one to lag and one to a bug. The bug was my Physical mech being unable to fire any weapons that cost Energy when it came in fresh after my Heat mech was killed by my opponents Energy mech.

The second loss was just due to lagging and missing a complete turn (2 actions on my part) thus allowing my opponent to out damage me and win a match he otherwise wouldn’t have. Oh well, it happens.


What mech do you use to reach the max raid?


Oof,bad damn luck i say.

You’re acctualy doing fine right now,i just wonder what you’re mything next.


Yes, but takes time and strategy…Btw, i’m a F2P player which can get to rank 5, almost 4th… so it depends of your build and who you get to fight.


A mix of various parts I have in order to do the most damage while taking the least amount of damage. It’s primarily physical weapons with different mixtures of Iron Plates, Resistors and even Torsos.

Also, it takes multiple playthroughs to not only get the AI to do exactly like I want it to (teleporting to Range 2 as opposed to Range 1 or using Hook), but also to be hit for what I calculate out to be the minimum (or near minimum) damage, depending on time.

It’s still up in the air. It’s a tossup between My Physical Mech’s Night Eagle, My Heat Mech’s Drone, or the legs on my Electric Mech.

Today’s update post coming shortly, after I finish using up the remainder of my Energy.


Day 87: Necessary Upgrades


Thanks everybody for over 5000 views on my humble little thread. I appreciate all the positivity that some of you exhume. Again, thank you very much.


So, today I did some Arena trickery and mixed up my parts a bit to give myself an advantage I wouldn't normally have from my standard lineup. It paid off, so let's just leave it at that. But, in order for me to pull my little switcheroo off, I had to upgrade the Heat Engines on my Heat Mech a bit, so I threw a max Rare Power Kit into two of them to retain the Mech's Heat Capacity and Cooling. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded and Transformed an Energy Engine to Legendary 1/40 on my Energy Mech
  • Upgraded Heat Engine to 22/40
  • Upgraded Heat Engine to 22/40
  • Upgraded and Transformed DawnBlaze to Legendary 1/40
  • Completed today’s Special Quest for 3 Legendary Power Kits
  • Achieved Rank 7 again for the first time this Season

While I could’ve had a 5th Legendary made today and thus had a Mythical transformation for you all, I had to make sure my Arena viability remained for me to hit Rank 7. Tomorrow will more than likely see the Mythical transformation of either the Night Eagle, Nemo (because #NoHeatPoint) or Sparked Runners. Until tomorrow, take care.


Not Nemo because one day you will probably get a Heatpoint. It’s definitely more common than regen boosters, anyway…