Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


I have met kazan before, he never stood a chance against me, and the rest of the mechs up here.

While for Night, never ever met him in Arena because of course, smurfing. Now I know why he gets 200+ Wins.

Cerebrum Ferrum won’t survive anywhere up here though, not a chance.

I wish you good luck on your next time in Arena.


1, i have 3 op mechs
2. I know every trick in the book
3. it is cause i chose mmy mechs wrong half the time


Show me mechs


Ok, srry for the late reply mate


(Physical Counter)

(Noob Leage Physical)

(Noob Leage Energy)


I can help you fix some stuff but this isn’t Build Help so, good builds!


No Update Today or Tomorrow

Took the kids trick or treating and we have plans as well tomorrow. I’m tired. Good night. See ya’all on Thursday.


Today was halloween for you? I thought u lived in the midwest, not cali


I think I ran into you on my little brothers profile at 7 no? Tsgt duramax?


Not even Halloween, yet in clai.


I’m so jealous of that base


I don’t know about that… Maybe… You don’t get silver boxes


I do live in the Midwest, my town just moved trick or treating from Halloween to the day before because of projected bad weather today.


base sucks, don’t be jealous of a bad function …


We thought we would have terrible weather but it turned out to be fine. Now let’s just see if it will last…


It started raining here, but we have indoor plans tonight anyway so it should all work out. Happy Halloween everyone.


I had the most original costume ever:

No costume! Yay!
I ended up standing in my driveway throwing eggs at everyone I know.


Just got back today, me and my friends wandereda bit of a way to get to a rich community…I will be stocked to Easter lol


Day 82: Back In The Saddle Again


Welcome back, was quite nice to take a break after 11+ weeks of updating this thread daily. Anyways, here is all the things you missed that I achieved...

  • Upgraded and Transformed Blizzard Dissolver to Legendary 1/40
  • Reached Rank 7 again this Season
  • Increased Tokens to 1066
  • Upgraded an Item Factory to Level 10
  • Finished the raid today with 3585 Points (Currently 578)

Tomorrow I’ll more than likely have another item transformed to Legendary 1/40 as the quest to the next Mythical item continues. Until tomorrow, take care.


What the max lvl on them bases? Do you know?


Day 83: Lightning Quick



Yeah, I did it. I went and transformed and maxed the Lightning Platinum Vest in one day. The 3 Epics from the Season Rewards and the Epics I received from both a Fortune Box and my daily login reward helped, along with having a stockpile of Gold. Anyways, on this day I achieved a lot...

  • Transformed and Upgraded Lightning Platinum Vest to Mythical 50/50
  • Finished Raid with 4,558 score for the day (Currently 601)
  • Purchased Physical Resistance +26% (7/10) from the Arena Shop
  • Increased Tokens to 1080

Tomorrow I’ll be recouping Gold and gathering more Epics for my eventual next Mythical transformation. I may even swap the LPV over to my Physical Mech to try and improve my current Raid score for the day. Until tomorrow, take care.


@JamAnime12 All buildings in the Base go to Level 20 currently as their max.


Increased Raid Score to 4593 (Currently 588)