Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


I genuinely can’t tell if you are being sincere or sarcastic.





Well, with me in the raid it is just numbers, 657th to 286th, 286th to 182nd, 182nd to 180th


Day 78: A Viking Birth


Not much to say about today. Am a little short on time. Anyways, today I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Viking Hammer to 36/40
  • Increased Tokens to 884

Tomorrow I’ll finish the Viking Hammer and be on my way to getting Myth Food for the first Mythical Transformation on the Energy Mech. Probably the Torso. Also, I was unable to beat the Raid today so it seems I’ll more than likely get 50 Tokens. Until tomorrow, take care.


Special thanks to @jonny for rectifying me being unable to get the 3 Legendary Power Kits from the previous Special Quest involving opening a certain number of boxes which wasn't possible on a Base Account without paying for an absurd amount of Premium Boxes/Packs.



Your base is nice :slight_smile:


Took the time and did it again btw.


Hahaha, you passed a Rank 1, doge


And rank 1 Unknown AKA Ricemech
and Rank 3 Glbear13
and Rank 4 (or 2…i forget) SCOUT RANGER 2017
and Rank… high rank SENTINEL
and Rank…also high rank Matilda


Wait, so i bet all those people by getting 92nd XD, I guess if they find this im gonna get Bet up by them XD, I can beat scout but he is hard others i cant XD


I’ve noitced that you are able to upgrade a legendary item from lvl 1 to lvl 40 in one day… WOW
The base seems fine.
I would love to see base in the game but without removing Silver boxes option.
That would be something great!

I’m a fan!


This is the first Time fighting this account of F2P, battling my 2nd account. Check it out:

That was a good fight.


Yeah, arena pissed me off today. Kept facing the same people on top of Rank 9-10 smurfs with complete max myth mechs including L-M Protectors. Double Energy lineups, and the like. Today was definitely a day of get the 5 wins and be done with it.


I get those every day. I just stick with it. Anyways, good battle.


Just some of what I had to deal with today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. lol


I have seen albatross before. If it makes you feel better every time I see him I beat his ass


Could’ve sworn I’ve seen Night Albatross a bunch of times as well. He’s easy to beat, though.


Day 79: There are bad days


Finished Hammer, Arena was terrible. I'll claw my way back tomorrow. Anyways, one this day this I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Viking Hammer to 40/40
  • Increased Physical Resistance to 6/10 (+22%) in Arena Shop
  • Increased Tokens to 977

I chugged out quite a few Power Kits today, so barring some special happening tomorrow in game, I should be able to start getting some Mythical food rolling out. Also, as stated previously, I will find myself back in at least Rank 8 tomorrow, just wasn’t a good arena day for me. Until tomorrow, take care.


Arena is bad, i use to be rank 4, now i am strugiling to keep rank 7


Same!!..I used to be Rank 5-4 but now I am stuck at rank 7-6…


It’s because many players have become stronger with time and now you’re competing to stay in a good level and need better skills or better items.