Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Lol explain what place skill has in a game like this


Quite a bit, tbh. Just because some well known top players rant about luck luck luck doesn’t mean everything revolves around it. This does not mean I am not acknowledging the fact that this game includes major luck factors but there are also minor skill and knowledge aspects that tilt into giving a certain player an edge.


by @BlackTempest


At equivalent inventory, skills become slightly more important…


I can answer that with a few examples if you’d like.

  • Knowing when to cool down when versing a Heat Mech in order to prevent them shutting you down completely thus sacrificing one action instead of losing two.

  • Knowing how much damage your mech can do so that when your Physical Mech is going against another Physical Mech and you see that while you can kill him on your next turn, he can kill you on his first. You decide to teleport away thus forcing him to have to use a weaker action such as a Grappling Hook or his Charge Engine which gives you just enough leftover HP to finish him on your turn.

  • Going against any mech with a range gap and using your actions wisely to end your turn in that range gap thus causing your opponent to have to use inefficient moves to get himself back into the range where he can use the weapons he wants. This includes things such as ending your turn right next to a mech that has no 1-2 range or a weak 1-2 range at that where if they stomp you they have little to no other offensive moves (unless they have 2 pushback legs) or they have to move backwards to attack and then you just end your next turn the same way. The arena is only so big, so eventually you end up with your back to a wall.

  • Going against standard Last Word + Malice Beam + Face Shocker mechs with no melee weapons or ash creators, I like to end as many turns as possible right up on them. While their legs do okay direct damage, they have very little energy drain, so if they want to stomp me, I’m saving HP in the long run due to them not being able to use their elements ability to do further damage beyond draining.

  • Simple things like knowing which order to use your weapons in. If you’re range 2 and you fire your Nightfall and THEN your Annihilation, it confuses me. I prefer to fire the Annihilation first as it has more resistance drain and then the Nightfall for even more damage. Same thing for other combinations of weapons. May not seem like much, but that extra damage can make the difference between a win and a loss.

I mean, I’m sure I can think of more things that I would consider skill based in this game, but I feel I’ve typed enough as is.

And to everyone that seems so concerned with this accounts Ranking and feel the need to tell me how lucky I am for this and that. Why? What does complaining about this account do for you? You @ my name, link my thread and go on and on about how I’m so lucky. To what end? If you see me ranked above you and feel your mechs are superior in every possible way. Then the problem isn’t me, it’s you.

I am a Rank 8 player who every season for the past couple has found little to no difficulty popping up into Rank 7 at some point. I know there are mechs in Rank 7 that would blow both of my mechs away. More so than in Rank 8. But, does that mean I’m lucky for not constantly facing them? I mean, I guess everyone is a little lucky that they aren’t always facing opponents that always have the answer to their own mechs. I’ve lost to Rank 9’s and I’ve beaten Rank 6’s.

This thread was started with the intention of being a fun follow along read on the forums for the player base. Not an “I’m better than you because of how quickly I can accomplish things” thread. You guys are the ones turning it into that, not me.

Take care.


Man you are territorial


No, I’m just tried of all the flak I’m getting from this thread by players complaining. You are one of those players.

Those are just quotes from you that I’ve found within this thread in the past month. Not to mention outside mentions in your own or other threads. I don’t have a problem with you @Chicken_Drink. In fact, I both appreciate that you take time out of your day to read my thread and that you participated in the first ever Dominion game I ran and won it. I would just prefer if people wouldn’t use this thread to complain.

That’s not being territorial, that’s just not wanting to deal with all the negativity. One person complains, and then another and it just piles up. Play the game, if you have questions, ask. If I feel like answering them, I will. If not, that’s not a bad thing either. I try and include all prevalent information in my daily updates. And I’ve answered many of your questions in the past. Let’s not make this personal.

Take care.


Okay, I have a few questions:

  1. Where do you get your tokens from? It takes me a month to get enough tokens for a PP
  2. How to get good because I have no clue

  1. I do Raids, the Daily 10 Tokens and 2 v 2 campaign missions that I have yet to complete. This is also paired with the occasional achievement I get which is post the changes made to achievements earlier this year. Edit: I forgot also the occasional daily login reward of Tokens

  2. Follow some of the tips I posted earlier and continue working on your mechs. Try and incorporate strategy into your gameplay. If you have 2 weapons you can fire that can kill your opponent, go with the one that does the lesser amount of damage so you can inflict even more damage on their second mech. Things like that.


@Chicken_Drink stop being annoying man, Jesus Christ…


1-If you do weekly raid you can get at least 50 tokens more 70 from the daily missions…
2-Strategy and a thing called use your brain :wink:


I don’t see anything about energy mechs. How do you beat them with low energy. Especially your physical.


Day 75: Any Last Words?



Woke up today to see that the Special Quest for "opening" a certain amount of item boxes was still a thing and had yet to be changed. But, I do have @jonny's word that he will look into this account and reward me appropriately for having opened 30 Item Boxes that I have obtained as I can't buy Silver Boxes from the Shop like the average player. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Last Words to Legendary 40/40
  • Finished Raid today with a Score of 3440 (Currently 680)
  • Increased Tokens to 824
  • Maintained Rank 7 in the Arena

Tomorrow I will begin working on making the Face Shocker max Legendary on top of continuing my usual routine. Until tomorrow take care.


On the "How do you beat Energies" question. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on many things. If they pull out their Energy first and I get my Heat out first, I stand a good chance. Even if my Heat can't beat their HP, it can weaken them for my Physical to finish off before it takes too much damage.

Do they have 2 Energies? Well then I most likely lose, but I’m not going to shift my builds around to compensate for fighting the rare 2 Energy Mech combo.

Do they use a Physical first and then use an Energy? Well if I pull out my Physical first and beat theirs, then I can usually do a substantial amount of damage to their Energy Mech for my Heat to come off the bench and finish off.

That’s pretty much it. Take care again.


What if you pull out your phys, they have energy, you switch to heat, and they switch to a counter? This is the main reason I lose.


That’s usually a losing scenario. When that happens I fire my Nightfall for most damage, and then switch. If they switch as well, I play it out and hope for the best. Usually is a loss though. (This scenario is assuming they went first. If I go first I just flat out switch)


Day 76: In Yo Face


You know the routine, grinded OD6 on Insane, pumped out Power Kits and upgraded what I said I was going to upgrade. That's about it. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Face Shocker to Legendary 40/40
  • Increased Physical Resistance to 5/10 (+18%) in the Arena Shop
  • Scored 4,738 in the Raids (Currently 532)
  • Increased Tokens to 838

Tomorrow I will work on either the EMP or the Viking Hammer. Things are moving along quite nicely. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 77: No Stranger to Short Ranger


Ignore my Arena rank, I let my son play a little and he didn't win a single game, he was more interested in quitting matches. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded and Transformed an Energy Engine to Legendary 1/40
  • Upgraded EMP to 36/40
  • Scored 2788 in Raids (Currently 619)
  • Got the new Short Ranger drone from Portal
  • Increased Tokens to 864

Tomorrow I’ll finish upgrading the EMP and start in on the Viking Hammer. Then I’ll work on the Modules in the coming days. Until tomorrow, take care.


Well, aren’t you nice enough to let your son lose in ladders.


He’s 5 and saw me playing on my laptop so I let him have a go. But, he found the button you click to quit a match followed by the Yes/No popup and had fun doing that. I tried showing him what the other buttons that actually attack do, but he was dead set on just quitting, found it funny. It made him happy so that’s alright by me.


Well aren’t you full of respect.