Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread



I don’t know what you are asking/talking about? Everything I do is documented daily…


I’m doing exactly as your doing but you are ahead of me???

How to get so many tokens??)??


Again, all documented in my daily updates…

If I do a survey or something, or get something from outside means other than just logging in and playing, I make it known in my posts. You seem to want some magical answer that I can’t provide for you.


Day 67: 4 Days to Live


Sad news on the nerf to Desolation. Just when my mechs were starting to look upward and onward something comes along to clip their wings. So it looks like an energy free build with the items I have is no longer viable. Hmm... having less and less fun with this account as the days tick on... Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded/Transformed CMB to Legendary 1/40
  • Upgraded/Transformed CMB to Legendary 1/40
  • Increased Tokens to 634
  • Obtained a Fortune Box from the Campaign which contained the following…

Until tomorrow, take care.



My deepest sorrows for your loss of you loved one. My support is with you in this difficult time.


You have 2 sorrows as a f2w thats impressive
I dont have any and im p2w lol


Day 68: 3 Days...


Did the usual stuff. Campaign, Raids, 5 Arena Wins, Daily Quests. That's about it. I'm saving up Rare Power Kits at the moment, not sure what to do with my soon to be scrap pile of a second mech. Maybe use it as a lawn ornament, who knows. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

More of the same tomorrow unless I magically strike an L-M item that solves all my problems. Who knows, maybe I’ll just max up that Energy mech and go to the darkside of Phys + Energy lineup. Who cares if I had fun with heat, fun doesn’t equal reaching Rank 5. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 69: It's A Sex Thing



Tomorrow I think I might do something drastic. Until then, today was pretty much the same ol' same ol'. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Platinum Grappling Hook to 28/40
  • Increased Tokens to 670

Still stockpiling Rare Power Kits, but I may use them tomorrow. Also, I know I can afford 2 Premium Packs at the moment, but I may hold off and wait and see what my Token count is when the next 1000 Token deal rolls around. Who knows. Until tomorrow, take care.


i waited 2 months for this day to finally come around


LOL for rank 10 prize I got 2 legys and 1 epic.


windigo, and naga as for the legys


Day 70: Twenty twenty twenty four hours to gooooo


Tomorrow will see the nerf of the much beloved Desolation. Rest in peace, may myself and others remember your once former glory. As for me, I continue my saving spree and doing TDL6 for Fortune Boxes. All while saving Tokens and stockpiling Rare Power Kits for a mass upgrade spree in the near future. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Cooling Mass Booster on Physical to 4/40 (needed inventory space to open a Fortune Box)
  • Increased Tokens to 682

Tomorrow I may unveil the direction I plan on taking this account to keep it viable in my pursuit of Rank 5. We’ll see. Until tomorrow, take care.


Deso cost is also being reduced to 58, so not horrible.


I’ve been keeping up with the changes. No worries there.


good, good, maybe save up to buy lumberjack mech and upgrade the backbreaker.




Day 71: If You Can't Beat Them, Beat Them

And Introducing... Sparky.


After much deliberation, I decided to work on an Energy mech as not only will it help me in the arena at times once it is upgraded, it will also help me in other aspects of the game. So, there's the not so big reveal. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Beat Raid Day 6 for the first time on this account…
  • Increased Tokens to 741
  • Upgraded Lightning Platinum Vest to 40/40
  • Upgraded Sparked Runners to 40/40
  • Upgraded and Transformed an Energy Engine to Legendary 1/40
  • Upgraded and Transformed 2 Iron Platings to Epic 30/30

In the coming days I’ll be working on getting everything upgraded on the Energy mech until it’s ready to have it’s parts transformed to Mythical. I’ll be constantly generating Power Kits while keeping my Gold reserves up enough to use for the process. Until tomorrow, take care.


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It’s nothing more than a witty title. Leave my thread please.


Tip :

UltraBright for Malice because it can kill faster, and has considerably moderate drain.

Now with your setups, this is your thing (in any order) :

Against Physicals : Physical & Energy Mech
Against Heaters : Physical & Heat Mech
Against Energy : Heat & Energy Mech

I want you to reach Rank 5 without problems, so I’m giving you help :slight_smile: