Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


I find joy reading this thread. Perfect to see exactly what the base can do for you later in its upgrading.

Power kits can be useful for me because maxing mods are a real pain for me, and that’s mainly because I don’t have the time that you do.

You have my hopes for you to become rank 5 very soon, and hopefully you can have very good fortune come your way


Day 60: Sickness



Woke up today very very VERY sick. Was not a pretty sight. So, I was only able to go through 2 max fuels for the day. Hoping I feel better tomorrow and can get back to the grind, for now I'm just going to rest. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Nightfall to Legendary 35/40

Tomorrow will see the Nightfall fully upgraded to Max Legendary and the process of gathering Myth food will be begin. Sorry for the “flat” post today. Until tomorrow, take care.


Bet better soon dude, Nice going on th F2P Challenge


Hey… What level did you unlock the Base?


Can’t get it anymore. Only for new accounts made during a certain period of time.


Day 61: 2 months+ straight and going


Special shoutout to all the players that run into me in the arena and tell me hello and say how much they enjoy the thread. Really makes me happy. I'm feeling better from whatever bug had me down yesterday. Full disclosure, I didn't realize there was a gold portal, so my Tokens should be higher. I'll wait until my fuel replenishes enough and clear out the difficulties I can. Sorry about that. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Nightfall to Legendary 40/40

Tomorrow I’ll try to get 2 Legendary Myth foods made, and in 2 days time I’ll be purchasing my next Arena Shop upgrade towards Total HP (Currently 8/10). Until tomorrow, take care.


myth dat hammer, okay?


How are you rank 8 already?!?

I’m stuck at rank 9 because of smurfs, energizers with lots if energy, and heat bombs. Mostly smurfs. Prolly cuz the game detects my mythical mech and makes me fight smurfs.


9 Wins into my 50 needed today and this happened again this season…


No absurd 7 game win streak needed this time. lol


Day 62: I Lied

Yesterday I said I’ll try to get 2 Legendary Myth foods made in order to try and Myth the Nightfall as quickly as possible… I’m sorry, I lied…

That’s right, I threw everything including the kitchen sink into it and was able to have that Mythical transformation for you today. Enjoy!


So I only did 11 Arena wins today, but I was able to finish the Season Rank 7 three stars. Which is the highest this account has been (counting stars) yet! Also, as previously stated I was able to Myth the Nightfall and have already began on upgrading it! Things are going good. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

Tomorrow will see me grind out the remaining Arena wins necessary to complete the Special Quest for that Relic. Also, more churning from my Item Factories and grinding in the campaign to afford to upgrade the Nightfall to eventual Max Mythical. Finally, tomorrow will see my purchase of Total HP 9/10 from the Arena Shop. Until tomorrow, take care!


The decision you made on what items you were going to use as myth food disgusts me. Out of all those other items and e-m’s, you had to use 3 energy engines??? Do you know how much I would pay for 3 regen boosters?!? Modules are ultra big rare boi.


Are you referring to Energy Engines? Because that’s what those are.

Also, a good thing I have more Energy Engines that are just sitting at Epic tier. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your input though?

Edit: Nice edit to correct from energy regen boosters. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been over a year since reloaded came out and I have YET TO GET A FREAKING REGEN BOOSTER!!! I’m actually thinking about buying one of those mechs from the shop to get one. But knowing my luck, I’ll probably get a regen booster right after and I only need one.


Day 63: Arenapalooza


Today I picked up my 39 additional wins needed to finish the special quest. Was quite the challenge trudging through double builds (ele+ele mechs, phys+phys), getting unlucky on starting range, getting unlucky on picking the right mech in the 50/50 to being my counter ele vs their ele, and of course smurfs. Also was able to make great progress on the Nightfall as well. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Nightfall to Mythical 45/50
  • Finished Relic Special Quest
  • Purchased Total HP 9/10 from Arena Shop

Tomorrow or the next day will see the Nightfall completed. 9 more days until Total HP is max 10/10 (unless I decide to load up my account on mobile in which case it’ll be 6). I think on Day 65 I’ll do another big post with updates to what my item collection is looking like, arena shop, etc. Until tomorrow, take care.


myth dat hammer, okay?


Dash might not want the hammer in the future and is only using it for the push back that it gives, he might be waiting for Mercy…mything the Hammer might be a waste…


Day 64: Insert Nintendo 64 Joke Here


Not too much to report today other than the maxing of the Nightfall. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Nightfall to Mythical 50/50
  • There be dragons here

Tomorrow depending on what the daily special is, I’ll most likely work on upgrading some of the Heat Modules on my first mech to make it more viable against, well… heat mechs. Also, I will be debating on what item to transform to Mythical in the coming days as I accrue more Legendary items to use towards it. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 65: No Big Post Today



Sorry, no big post today. I just don't have the time. So I'll hold off on a super post filled with screenshots of the various aspects of the account that you don't get to see until Day 70 at the very least. I didn't upgrade anything today as I'm sort of at a loss at the moment on something. I'll explain in the post wrap-up below. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Placed 1,198 in the Raid alotting me 50 Tokens as opposed to my usual 35.
  • Upgraded quite a few Rare Power Kits

The issue I’m having currently is that my Physical mech needs more HP, and while I could throw on another Iron Plating or two, that leaves me with having to remove other items from my mech in order for them to fit. I’m just unsure and need to reflect on what the best course of action will be. But, I will still be working on Legendary items for my next Mythical transformation in the meantime. Until tomorrow, take care.


i forgot to do raid, i got 35 from my 150 tokens


I would personally remove the res, 1 cooler, then put on plate.