Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Since the Arena Season ends today, I’ll go ahead and post where I ended up at the end of the Season since today’s post will only include the results of how high I reached this Season. (Did I say season enough? :joy: )



Stupid hybrids… fuking hate them…


Just need to have luck in finding the right opponent and a good build XD


Day 55: Season's End


Late tidings. Sorry for the belated post but I went out to eat with my family tonight and just got back in. Today marked the end of the season and as shown earlier in this thread, I managed to reach Rank 7 zero stars for the season and ended the season Rank 8 two stars. I also decided to give crafting an Epic in my Base a go, so when that is done we'll see what comes of it. Made some campaign progress as well. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded/Transformed a Naga Torso to Legendary 1/1 to use as Myth food later
  • Upgraded all Epic Res Modules to be used in Raids and Arena
  • Increased Tokens to 275
  • Beat Bigboy (OD8) on Insane for the first time on the account…


If things go as expected tomorrow will see another Mythical transformation, the 7th of the account. Lots of progress.Until tomorrow, take care.


I’m dropped to rank 11. Well, if you can get to rank 7 with those mechs, either A, I’m really bad, B, you’re just lucky or C, I didn’t try hard enough.


Rank 7 was more on the luck side of things. I believe I rode a 7 win streak from rank 9 to get there. Not to discredit myself too much, but I know my mechs as they stand are rank 8-9.


I’m going with option D: I’m unlucky


That’s okay friend-o. I still post these daily updates even though I’m sure most of the community is sick of them. (I mean this will most likely be the third day in a row with no likes on the update post. :joy: lol)

Luckily I do it because I want to, and I know I get 60~+ views a day, even if a majority of the viewers don’t feel like interacting with the thread other than reading it. :smiley:

Edit: @SeanChoi1870!!! lol


I like this topic…seeing an account progress


I like your post. Don’t trip…

I’ve gotten lucky on a winning streak. Almost got to rank 6


D, u got Smurfed
That is prob the awnser


98 Notifications… lmao. @PyroBlitz you mad lad! :joy:


You said you didn’t get enough likes, so i figured I’d fix that :joy:


I get that from Antonio Ortega lol


I know there’s a thread for this, but this seems appropriate for this thread.

What should I Myth next?

  • Devouring Paws
  • Night Eagle
  • Desolation
  • Sorrow

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May follow the results, may do my own thing. We’ll see. :joy:


It is really nice to read. As a time to time payer I prefer to read your posts rather than play this game… Maybe if I wouldn’t do such a big break I would still be top 30…


Day 56: Things Are Heating Up


Today saw more progress as I made the 7th Mythical Item on the account. Also only a few short hours before we see what Epic Item my Base has conjured up for me. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Transformed and Upgraded Desolation to Mythical 10/50
  • Purchased Arena Shop Upgrade to Total HP to +220
  • Increased Token to 336

Tomorrow will be more upgrading to the Desolation and the reveal of what my Item Factory has in store for me for the price of 200k an Epic. Might purchase a Premium Pack, might hold off. We’ll see. Until tomorrow, take care.


Whatever happened to the “myth your legs first” rule?


Well Devouring Paws will get me 115 additional HP when Max Mythical.

My 2nd mech primarily goes against Electrical mechs as it is a counter build. So 115 more HP isn’t very good when dealing with a type that does damage after drain. So I need more firepower to heat/hurt my opponent more than I need what essentially equates to a lesser Epic Iron Plate.

Hope that answers your question, take care.


I clicked deso in poll for the reason:
If I had to name 1 weapon that counter electrics, it would be desolation. Definitely.

That’s great that @adashofSiren decided to myth it :slight_smile: