Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Your physical mech lacks good health/heat and that energy won’t get you anywhere. Instead of wasting weight on energy, spend it on more health and heat.


It’s nice that you think I have all these E-M modules laying around to slap on my mechs. Thanks for the “advice”.

Edit: You also seem to not realize that I sort of need a rounded build of some sort at the moment while I build up my 2nd mech that is a counter build.

  1. I was trying to help
  2. You never said you didn’t have many e-m modules, if you did I missed it
  3. Why are you so aggressive to me? Is it because of that one time and you are still holding a grudge against me?

  1. I said thanks. Just the way you chose your words made you seem aggressive.
  2. I have mentioned my lack of E-M modules.
  3. No idea what you’re talking about, feel free to PM me to discuss further if you wish. I’d rather my thread not get bogged down with chit chat.


What?..under 2 months and already that good??..


just give me your heat mech ok thancc


bro (just a advice) ur build for a phys is not bad but if u have nightfall or a 2nd annihilation take off the hammer and put 1 of them it will be better
hope u liked the advice if not it’s ok i’m just advising :slight_smile:


he has a second anni look at the screenshot of the second mech :smiley:


yup but over all it’s up to him


I just use the hammer to knock people into range of the Falcon so they either have to waste a turn to move or charge/teleport or take a good amount of damage. I know the Physical mech is bad, no worries.


ye good point but i’m using ur build without a hammer and it’s like 1 from 2 battles i’m able to use it u have grab and charge u can get ur opponent in falcons range

but as i said over all it’s up to u


I understand, and I planned on reworking the mech if I ever get a nightfall, spartan carnage, etc. But, for now I enjoy the tactics of being able to position my opponent in almost any range I want them in, and I work with what I’ve got. Somehow ended up in Rank 7 for the season, so not too terribly bad. Though I have no delusions of being there when the season ends.



i didn’t say it was bad xD
I’m just advising :slight_smile:


Told this person they had a curious build, they thought it was a compliment. :confused:


Day 54: Back Down to Earth


As was expected when I rode a 7 win streak into Rank 7 zero stars, today saw me fall back to where my mechs rightfully belong with their current items and levels. Other than that, normal grinding and a few base upgrades ensued. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Finished Upgrade on Gold Mine to Level 7
  • Started and Finished Upgrade on other Gold Mines to Level 7
  • Upgraded and Transformed a Windigo Torso for future Mythical transformation.

Tomorrow will see more transformation of junk items and in the coming days (3-4 days by my estimate) another Mythical transformation will be occurring. Until tomorrow, take care.


I CANNOT find the function for BASE OR FACTORY!! Halp…


You can’t currently access the base feature (which has the factories). It was only available for a brief period of time to new accounts for testing purposes. The only way to access it now would be if they implemented it game wide. But, if you want to discuss that, please make your own thread about it or use one of the older existing threads on the topic. Thank you.


This base thing seems like a positive thing to have. I still have not been able to hold rank 7 position. Soon though, soon…


Neither was I by the look of it. Took a 7 win streak to get there.


Oh… Ok. Thanks @adashofSiren