Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Why have an energy engine on the 2nd mech? Its just a waste of weight.


Replacing it when I get another Heat Engine. Until then… 1000kg? :frowning: lol


When the person you’re against wastes a lot of turns on their first Heater mech trying to avoid the Falcon and then proceeds to use all the mobility options on their second Claw mech in order to try and avoid your Falcon and still gets shot with it and your first mech doesn’t die until you set your second mech up perfectly to Deso + Drone him into oblivion. :joy:



Well it’s his/female fault for using a Greedy


Greedy is only good against MVP/LVP + might protector mechs like mine, fore some reason my maxed mech will have no weaknesses


Day 49: Fortune My Way Comes



Grinded Fortunes again today. I'm mainly hoping for a Nightfall (not asking for much) or another Heat Engine. But, mainly all this hoarding is in hopes of acquiring more firepower for my Physical Mech. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Started Upgrade on an Item Factory to Level 8
  • Acquire 2 Fortune Boxes taking my Hoarding Count to…
  • Generated some Power Kits that I can’t claim due to full inventory at the moment, but will be used for Upgrades tomorrow.

Hoping tomorrow sees a good Daily Special occur so that I can break up the mindless “Wait for Energy to be full or near full, run the same mission in Campaign over and over for loot, make sure daily quests are finished and raid is done, repeat step 2 until day ends.” I don’t want this whole thread to become stagnate, so I will be upgrading tomorrow while I continue my hoarding. I may make a poll tomorrow to see when people think I should start opening things. Who knows. Until tomorrow, take care.


May I ask where you are getting your fortunes from?


Day 50: A day of disappointment


Much like when this special quest came around last time, I was unable to complete it making that 6 Legendary Power Kits my account has missed out on. And, of course no word from Tactisoft on the issue. They can PM me asking me about my Base Account experiences and getting player information from me, but can't respond when I actually have an issue. Anyways... here's a bunch of pictures from boxes I opened...

Arena Reward Box

Premium Box #1

Premium Box #2

Fortune Box #1

(Insert Picture of Fortune Box #2 which was a random Rare and an Epic Grim Cobra)
Fortune Box #2

Fortune Box #3

Fortune Box #4

Fortune Box #5

Fortune Box #6

Great loot huh?! Oh look at the… umm… uhh… stuff! Yes, lovely stuff! Let’s check the progress of that Special Quest…!

Almost! (The 5 that counted were 4 Free Item Boxes and 1 Bought Premium Box)

So I was torn about how to make my Physical Mech better in the short run, and it came down to Transforming the Night Eagle and Transforming the Void drone. As you can see from the progress pictures above, I went with the Void drone. Oh, and let’s talk about arena! I would’ve finished the day somewhere into Rank 9 but…


I’m going to recollect myself and post a normal update tomorrow in the normal format. As is, today was not a good day filled with sunshine and lollipops. Until tomorrow, take care.


Which mission do you get your fortunes from?


Ramboy in the first Boss Mission in 1v1.


I used to do that, until one day is stopped dropping fortunes for me…I havent gotten a fortune since spring.


I only average about 2 a day and that’s with 228~ fuel used for the day.


I farmed it for 2 weeks without getting any after it stopped


just spend 500 dolars on boxes and you get a 2-3 rank boost
no need for SkIlLz and lucky drops lawl


Day 51: Spiffy Title


Grinding and upgrading. Nothing much else to report. Oh, I did do some 2v2 for Tokens, prepping for either a Premium Pack in the near future, or refills if Tactisoft actually releases something that my account can do. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Void drone to Mythical 39/50
  • Upgraded 3 Gold Mines to Level 6
  • Started upgraded on 4th Gold Mine to Level 6

Tomorrow will be more of the same, so probably 2-3 days until Void is fully maxed. Not sure what next Mythical item will be. Might hold a poll, might be spontaneous and just pick something. Who knows. Until tomorrow, take care.


Damn, Already Myth a drone. I haven’t even done my drones.


You just do not get 1-2 legend daily from fortune boxes.
the author receives. how he does it …, refuses to tell us, apparently, a big secret :slight_smile:


Day 52: Chilling Maxing Relaxing


Now this is a story all about how I grinded 2v2 and turned my Tokens around. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I leveled my Void while at the screen I did stare. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Void drone to Mythical 44/50
  • Finished upgrading a Gold Mine to Level 6
  • Forgot to mention I bought another Total HP upgrade in Arena Shop taking me to +180 yesterday

I’m having fun with my Energy-Free (minus Axe) Mech. WIll be a lot better once I get the other Sorrow Myth’ed and the Legs Myth’ed and the Deso Myth’ed and TB Myth’ed and start purchasing Offensive Heat upgrades in the Arena Shop. That’s not a lot right? Right? Until tomorrow, take care.




Day 53: Progress



Today was a progressive day in terms of my account. I finished off with my most recent upgrading, and made phenomenal progress in the arena sphere. If I can just get a few more pieces to fall in place, then this whole endeavor will be realized. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Void Drone to Mythical 50/50
  • Reached Rank 7 in Arena for the first time on the account
  • Upgraded a Gold Mine to Level 7
  • Started Upgrade on another Gold Mine to Level 7

Tomorrow we’ll see what Tactisoft releases as far as the daily special thing, but I won’t hold my breath for anything too glamorous. Until tomorrow, take care.