Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Maybe it stays for those who made an account when it was available, since they cancelled it already.


How well is your gold and factory benefitting you nowadays?
Also, smurfs disappear for the most part once you get past rank 8.


gold mines give you a max of 5k gold/ hour (all 4 together)(stipulation). crafting replaces silver boxes and he can’t craft legy yet. keep in mind crafting is expensive and time consuming, this is also valid for all upgrading concerning base (past the first ones, compare it to making rares and myths).


Im aware. I want his perspective on how it hinders/benefits him.


@Yeet The Gold Mines aren’t much of a factor, a little bit of extra gold per day at best. The factories are nice. Being able to craft common and rare power kits are nice from the high level Item Factory I have. It makes maxing items a little less painful. I think once all the Item Factories are at least the same level as my highest one I’ll be able to have a good system going where I am making power kits for food, items to feed those power kits, and Epics for a chance at better items during my downtime when not upgrading.


What if you use power kits to upgrade power kits which you use to upgrade power kits which you use to upgrade stronger power kits?


Nice Dude, just a thought, would it be copy right to do somthing along the lines of this?


A little hazy as I just woke up, but from what I gather from your post, I do use common power kits to upgrade the rare ones I get after I upgrade them to level 10 with 19 common items. Don’t get many Epic Power Kits with the exception for the ones that sometimes come from achievements.


You playing wrong, i’m 150 in less than 6 months…


Just posting this here because I saw this mech and scratched my head.


Day 45


Finished with the Sorrow. Now going to work up my other 2 Item Factories. And I think my next Myth project is going to be the legs on my 2nd Mech for the added HP. Arena Shop bonuses have slowed down due to no longer being able to watch Ads for free Premium Bonuses. Also, no ads to watch for free Tokens or added HP in campaign missions. Shame, really. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Sorrow to Mythical 50/50

Tomorrow depending on what the daily thing is, I’ll more than likely just keep getting gold and slowly getting items for my 6th Mythical on the account. Until tomorrow, take care.


Dirty smurfs.
Plus hybrid wich it makes worse…if you’re rank 10




Day 46


Saving gold and upgrading my other Item Factories in the Base a bit. That's about it. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Item Factory to Level 7
  • Started Upgrade on Item Factory to Level 8

Tomorrow will probably see an item upgraded to Legendary to be sacrificed later for the greater good of Mythdom. Other than that, saving Gold, gathering Items, occasional upgrades. The name of the game. Until tomorrow, take care.


Day 47: Something Has To Change


Alright, so I didn't upgrade anything to Legendary today because I spent my time doing something else in game. I took a hard look at my mechs and decided that something has to change. I can't progress past Rank 9 (on a permanent scale) with the setup my physical mech currently has.

The Falcon is good and lightweight, sure. And, it either does a good amount of damage or makes players waste turns or do less than optimal actions in order to avoid it, great. But, having the weapon configuration I have now, I’m always going to get beat by an even half decently put together Max Myth physical mech. And, my 2nd mech isn’t capable of dealing with a High HP Physical mech and still be an Energy counter.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to grind as many Fortune boxes as I can until I get another Physical weapon (other than Annihilation) to make my first mech more viable. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following… (sorry for length)

  • Upgraded Total HP in Arena Shop to +150
  • Upgraded an Item Factory to Level 8
  • Upgraded an Item Factory to Level 7 and Started Level 8
  • Obtained 2 Fortune Boxes (unopened as of writing)

Tomorrow I will continue grinding for Fortune Boxes unless the Daily Special is something that takes up my time. We’ll see on that front. Otherwise, I’m going to be saving up Fortune Boxes and opening them when I get enough that I shouldn’t be too unsatisfied. What that exact number is, I don’t know. Until tomorrow, take care.


Have no nightfalls dropped?


The falcon is not the problem there- it is the lack of a nightfall/other high damage physical weapon. Physical mechs are at a huge disadvantage if their weapons are legendary- they need to do high amounts of damage to succeed- therefore you need to have a nightfall, or at least multiple mythical physical weapons- that is why you cannot progress atm.


That’s what I said bunny bread. :stuck_out_tongue: The Falcon was never blamed. The lack of a competitive weapon configuration was.

Yep, you echoed my sentiments in my post above exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 48: Small Upgrades, Big Things Coming


Today saw some upgrades/transformations to my second mech in the Modules category. And the hoarding of loot continues so that when I finally do host an early Christmas for myself, I shouldn't be too disappointed. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Upgraded/Transformed Heat Engine to Legendary 1/40
  • Upgraded/Transformed x2 Cooling Mass Boosters to Legendary 1/40
  • Upgraded an Item Factory to level 8
  • Continued Hoarding Fortune Boxes and now Daily Premium Box and Arena Season Reward (Rank 10)

Tomorrow will be more grinding for Fortune Boxes, but I was able to achieve some slight upgrades which really make a difference in the Arena. Still unsure when I’ll treat myself to opening things, but I won’t wait too terribly long. Until tomorrow, take care.


Apparently now I’m lower rank than you. I guess I’ll forever stay a smurf.