Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread




Wow what?


Hmm… I look forward to facing you at rank 6 buddy…


I’m just surprised by your words.


I agree. Black paint is supreme.

Just ignore my weird multicolored mech okay?


Day 37


Was able to scrape enough items together from Arena, Campaign and my two lower leveled Item Factories to finish off the Annihilation. Now to decide firmly on a course of action and act upon it. Anyways, today I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Annihilation to Max Mythical 50/50
  • Increase Tokens to 152 from Raid Reward (35) and some 2v2 Missions.

Currently unsure if I should further upgrade my Legendary 1/40 modules on my main mech, work towards making more Myth food and transforming another item or working on my second mech including maybe upgrading the 2nd Sorrow I have or transforming one of it’s weapons to Mythical.

I don’t really want to invest too much into my 2nd mech’s modules at the moment. Until tomorrow, take care.


Dude I got scammed out of 15 tokens. I beat raid #1 and it says 15 but it doesn’t let me collect it. TS scamming people again smh.


Day 38

Well today was Item Portal day, so you can imagine what I was busy doing the majority of my playtime. I did get quite a few Epics and whatnot so it was well worth the handful of Tokens invested. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following…

I am switching up the parts on my second mech and going with an anti-Energy build brought to you by @cyanine. So I will be taking a little bit to get the appropriate parts upgraded, and as such will be ignoring upgrading my Base until then. Also in about 3 days I will have enough Arena Coins to have Physical Damage fully maxed in the Arena Shop so I’ll be able to focus on other areas after that. Until tomorrow, take care.

Special shoutout to a Rank 9 player named KickA who decided to be rude to me in both of our Arena encounters today just because he knew of this thread from the forums. So… go you! Also, this gentleman is looking for a clan, so if you’re into having a mid-tier player with no manners in your clan, look him up. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on Lightning Vest!


I’m glad to be part of this adventure :slight_smile:


Day 39


Today I finished with one of two weapons I planned on making Max Legendary for my 2nd mech as part of it's overhaul. I also made and are still making many Power Kits in my Base in order to quickly gets these upgrades done and over with. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded 2nd Sorrow to Legendary 40/40
  • Reached Rank 9 in Arena for first time this season.

Tomorrow I’ll begin work on the Desolation. It needs transformed from Epic 1/30 and upgraded all the way to Legendary 40/40. I’m going to have to hunt for L-M modules soon with Tokens in order to round out the items needed for my 2nd mech. Until tomorrow, take care.


Any idea of the name in forum for this guy?


Nope. He didn’t care to share that with me. I think he liked the anonymity of being able to bad mouth someone without revealing too much about himself. lol


In other words: He is a coward.

Well “kick9” if you are reading this feel free to kick9 yourself out. This thread is for smart people.


That pun made me want to puke :nauseated_face: :joy:

Clearly this is not for you as that wasn’t a smart pun.

I am disappointed in you, Yeet. I had high hopes and saw potential. :broken_heart:


Now, now. I have to make puns. Cant let the post get too heavy.


Goodbye then.


Day 40


A patient injured my neck at work today, so I want to lay down and rest. So early post today. Not much to update, grinded OD6 when I could and worked on the Deso. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded and Transformed Desolation to Legendary 22/40

Tomorrow I’ll be able to finish upgrading Desolation to 40/40 and I’ll be hitting a nice milestone in…


Anyways, my neck and upper back hurt. I’m going to lay down. Until tomorrow, take care.


Get well soon! Take care.


I just realised,Yeet.
You spelled his name wrong,it’s ‘‘KickA’’.