Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Rip, @adashofSiren U got ur season reward yet?

Might keep this, i am working on a 2nd physcial


I was gettin wins and stuffs! I lost 2 matches afterward tho…so i stopped. I enjoyed the battle tho


Day 34


Finally got my first weapon Mythed on the account. Now all I have to do is max it. Also was able to upgrade it a bit right after transforming it. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

Tomorrow I will keep the grind going to continue upgrading the Annihilation. Also, I should have enough Arena Coins for my next Arena Shop purchase. Until tomorrow, take care.


I’ll just leave it here!

as I said earlier, I do not want to see the base in this game!


Okay… not sure why you felt the need to put that here?


your topic is read, you do not give such information(which I presented), but people look and think that the base is good. and you just got lucky! I made only 1 myth and I do not have a fully pumped up legs. I do not get a fortune box like you. I want to say that you mislead people by your luck. :ухмыляющийся:


This isn’t “Base Update the Thread” this is “Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread”. And as far as misleading people… what are you on about? Please don’t post in my thread anymore. Thanks.



20 symbols…


Lol, angry birds, nice advance adashofSiren


@adashofSiren what he’s trying to say is you may be misleading people with the whole base thing in this thread. Your progress is making people think that the base is a good thing when it truly isn’t.


But the fact that progress has come this much in a month shows that with the base feature progress is perhaps better than right now

And no, he wants to show the cards and what not which adash wasn’t focused on since it wasn’t the point


Day 35


Annihilation is coming along nicely. Tomorrow will see my Headquarters leveled to 16 allowing me to upgrade my Item Factory to 16. Other than that just more of the same, grinding OD6 on Insane to keep the Gold coming in. Arena is a little trash at the moment with it still being early in the season. Lots of people with max Myth first mechs that pretty much wreck me. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

Tomorrow I hope to either have the Annihilation complete or near complete. Once it’s done I think I may work on the modules of my first mech to make it a bit more competitive to Energy/Hear mechs. Take care, until tomorrow.


Day 36



Made a lot of progress on the Annihilation today. Also, finished a base upgrade and started another. That's about it for today. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Annihilation to 47/50
  • Finished HQ upgrade to level 16
  • Started Item Factory upgrade to level 16

While I hope to be able to complete the last 3 levels of the Annihilation tomorrow, we’ll have to see. With my main Item Factory that has been producing Power Kits temporarily out of commission, I’ll have to rely on my other lower leveled 2 along with any items I get from Campaign and Arena. Until tomorrow, take care.




Max is 20 I think, but may be wrong


Max it but remove the color kit… The black is better.


That’s your opinion.


Sure bro, quiet, it’s just an opinion:)


Don’t tell me to be quiet in my own thread. Gtfo. :joy:


Lol sometimes the Google translate fails.