Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


tell me how you get so many fortune box and how so many legendary things from them?
I’m upset by the base, so I do not play that account very often, I reached 87lvl. for all the time I got 3-4 fortune box = no legends. farm 6 mission Bigboy.

and why do not you post information about the production of things?
blue cards are produced 3 hours.


30 Day Anniversary Post


30 days ago I started this account in the hopes of seeing what it took for a new player in today's landscape to become a successful player. I didn't know I was going to be dealt the hand of having the experimental base update on the account. I didn't even know if anyone was going to pay any attention to this thread. And yet, even on days where a post only gets 1 like, I trudge on knowing that someone might gain something from this, whether it be knowledge or entertainment. So, thank you to any and all who read or have read this thread.

Moving on, I figured I would share some bonus screenshots today of the account. Including how I purposefully haven’t been spending Arena Coins, what my inventory looks like, and the campaign progress I’ve managed. Now onto my usual story I give with these posts…

Today I managed 2 Fortune Boxes but both were only double rares. I also hit Rank 10 again, but ran into a string of bad luck with deranking smurfs with max myth mechs. But, so is the state of that level of arena play. I take my loss and move on. I also kept upgrading my torso, which should be done either tomorrow or the next day. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following…

  • Upgraded Zarkares Torso to 46/50
  • Upgraded Base HQ to level 15
  • Started upgrade on Base Item Factory to level 15
  • Built my 4th and final Gold Mine in my Base and upgraded to level 5 to match the others

Once my Item Factory hits level 15 I’ll be using it to crank out Power Kits to speed along upgrading future myth food. I’ll also be bouncing between upgrading my HQ and that specific Item Factory until both are level 20. Until tomorrow, take care.


Nice inventory.


How much gold do you get from the base?

Looking good. I have been playing for a whole year now and have yet to stay at rank 5 consistently… I think I am just a bad player


As each Gold Mine generates 500 gold per hour at current levels and I have 4 that’d be 2000 gold every hour. And each Gold Mine currently caps at 3000 gold. So that’s 12000 gold every 6 hours. So the maximum gold I can get in a 24 hour period would be 48000 gold, if I don’t miss collecting it before it reaches it’s cap and stop generating gold until it is claimed.


That AND campaign gold? seems alright.

The base update doesn’t seem too bad. Just the fact that you can’t buy boxes may be difficult to stand by but otherwise seems like an alright update


The base is still a no i guess.


Day 31


A lot of positive progress today. Spent a majority of those Arena Coins I had been hoarding (shown in yesterday's post). Finished my upgrading task that had taken longer than expected. And finished a base upgrade and started on another. I can now generate Power Kits at will, although it seems like the percentage chance of them being Rare versus Common is low (early estimates seem to be near 10%). They take 15 minutes to produce and cost 5000 Gold for each one. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...

  • Upgraded Zarkares Torso on 2nd mech to Max Myth 50/50
  • Finished upgrading an Item Factory to level 15
  • Started upgrade on Headquarters to level 16
  • Increased Physical Damage in arena to +15%
  • Ended the day deep into Rank 10

Tomorrow I’m going to put my Fortune Box grind on hold to grind strictly for Gold. I want to get as many Rare Power Kits as I can to start making Legendaries to use as Myth food in order to finally get my first Mythical Weapon of the account. Until tomorrow, take care.


I just have no idea when is max on this base.


AHHAHAHAHHAHAH :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nice bro, continue :slight_smile:


Day 32


Started on the power kit grind today. Also obtained enough Tokens to open a Premium Pack (results below). Other than that I just kept grinding OD6 on Insane for Gold. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Upgraded and transformed a Ronin torso to Legendary 1/40 for Myth food.
  • Obtained quite a few power kits…
  • Opened a Premium Box which contained the following…
  • Reached Rank 9 in Arena

Tomorrow will be more of the same. Me churning out Power Kits hoping for Rare ones while I keep replenishing my Gold and upgrade Epic items to use in a Mythical transformation. Until tomorrow, take care.


Now you’re welcome at my arena.

And i have no clue if you’re gonna pass me that fast lol.


Lol haha You will be welcome in my arena too, I am rank 9-8

This premium box only give to you trash.


Close enough.


@adashofSiren Whats your name in SM?


Day 33


Today was more grinding of OD6 on Insane after a short detour of a once through of the Gold Portal for the Tokens. Meanwhile I limited my generating of Power Kits today so that I could work on upgrading and using the ones I already had. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Upgraded another Ronin Torso to Legendary 1/40
  • Upgraded an Avenger Torso to Legendary 1/40

Tomorrow will be more of the same as I continue generating Power Kits as needed and upgrading/transforming the final 2 Epics needed to have 5 Legendaries for my first Mythical weapon transformation of the account.

P.S. For those wondering, my IGN is: F2P Challenge


I advice you to max Legend Vandal first :slight_smile:

Good luck!


We met yesterday,didnt we?


Indeed we did, you destroyed me handily. :slight_smile: