Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread


Day 25

The Story:

I was able to finish all the upgrades to my 2nd mech that I want to do at the moment. I've now switched focus to upgrading some Epic items to legendary to use in myth transformations. I hope by tomorrow to have the Zark torso transformed to Mythical and be on my way to upgrading it. Once it is maxed, I plan to swap the Brutality and Zarkares torsos on my 2 mechs. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Reached Level 150
  • Upgraded Terrorblade to Legendary 40/40
  • Transformed 1 Epic to Legendary (Corrupt Light)

As stated above I hope to be well on my way to max Mythical on the Zarkares torso. I will be using the Mighty Cannon as myth food for the process, but I’m not too concerned about that. I also have a pair of Dynamite Boots at Epic 16/30 that will be used on top of some Recoil Stompers and Blazing Legs. Until tomorrow, take care.

P.S. If anyone didn’t see my post yesterday, my level 150 Premium Box was an Epic Golem torso.


Are you ready to battle me. Lets fight.


But I gain nothing from casual fighting? Seems like just a way for people to beat other people and brag about it or get a feeling of self accomplishment, both of which have little to do with what this account is about. So, I respectfully decline.


I don’t brag about fighting. I just like to do casual fights better than arena.

I’ll be in chat if your up for it. either 2v2 or 1v1


I love this thread bro, it’s very good :slight_smile: continue please.


Day 26


Today was a good day. Got the Legendaries together to transform the Zarkares torso on my 2nd mech. Once it is maxed 50/50, I will swap it with the Brutality on my Physical mech. I also did well in the arena running into no smurfs, so that's good. I've also been running through 2v2 missions for Tokens, as you can see the increase in those. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Transformed and Upgraded Zarkares to Mythical 22/50
  • Increased Tokens to 386
  • Opened a Fortune Box which contained the following…

Which was then followed by this funny error screen…

Tomorrow I will continue upgrading the Zarkares torso and running through 2v2 missions. My plan beyond upgrading the Zarkares torso is to start upgrading the weaponry on my Physical mech, but I’ll need more Myth food for that. Until tomorrow, take care.

P.S. In case anyone was wondering, the error I encountered did not affect me keeping the Platinum Grappling Hook. :slight_smile:


Nice… Can I make a question?.. With the base, your account progress faster? Because I saw your past topics and I can see that you progress very fast, and you won a lot of Legendarys and epics, and all this without spend any tokens? This is awesome, bro. Your acc is progressing good in a short time.


I’ve spent tokens. Refer to this post.

Also, I have stated that as far as the early leveling and upgrading of the account, the base was a hindrance. But, I feel like the benefits will be there in the long term once everything is properly upgraded, it’s just a thing that takes time.


Ohh, I understand bro. Thx for answer me.
I’ll be aware of your progress, I’m really interested in it.


day 1000
still looking for plat plate


Day 27


Spent tokens, got a Premium Box, contents were pretty bad. Contents from Rank 10 reward box were pretty bad. Slowly upgrading Zarkares torso on 2nd mech. Meh. Anyways, today I achieved the following...
  • Upgraded Zarkaraes torso to 34/50
  • Finished the season Rank 10.
  • Received an 2nd Annihilation from log-in reward box.

Premium Pack Rewards:

Season End Rewards:

Meh. Until tomorrow, take care.


Lucky all i got was a crap legendary HeatPoint




@adashofSiren on which platform do u play Mobile or PC? and how did u get the base update?


Day 28


Pretty much going to just be saving Gold and using whatever items I get from running missions and doing Arena to upgrade Zarkares. Once the upgrade to my HQ in the Base is complete, I'm going to upgrade the highest Item Factory and then do the HQ again then that same Item Factory and just back and forth it. Anyways, on this day I achieved the following...
  • Upgraded Zarkares Torso to 39/50

Tomorrow is more of the same unless TS runs daily special that could benefit the account. Until tomorrow, take care.


Your heat mech is doing great tbf.
My opinion…you should myth heat mech for raids and other stuff…soo that you can grow faster.


Day 29


Today was a slow day filled with many bugs and errors. I did however continue progress on my Zarkares Torso and saving Gold by not using my Item Factories yet. The upgrade to my HQ will be done by tomorrow, so I'll be losing a chunk of Gold to then upgrade my Item Factory. Anyways, today I achieved the following...
  • Upgraded Zarkares Torso to 42/50
  • Obtained the following from a Fortune Box…

Extra: Fun Glitches and Bugs!

Tomorrow I might start back up item generation in my base in order to speed along the maxing of the Zarkares Torso. Other than that just going to keep grinding. Also, I reached Rank 10 today for the season, but ran into a bad string of opponents. Oh, and tomorrow marks the 1 month anniversary for this account. So, there’s that. Until tomorrow, take care.


all this thread let me with one question;
basically the base udapte is good or bad?


Read above for my answer to that question. Take care.


It’s amazing how you progress this much in 29 days.
Looking forward to see when you’ll be getting max myths.