Road to Rank 5: My Daily F2P Account Thread

Welcome, if you're reading this. This thread is going to be keeping track of the progress I make daily on a completely F2P account all the way until it hits Rank 5. I will be posting a screenshot every 24~ hours showing the accounts Main Screen, Workshop, and Base. Without further ado....


Story: After grinding an unhealthy amount of hours yesterday while on bed rest, I was able to achieve the following…

  • Achieve Level 45
  • Beat Campaign on Normal to allow farming of OD6
  • Obtain a Falcon from a Fortune from OD6
  • Obtain a Brutality and Zarkares Torso from Fortune and Level Up Box separately
  • Achieve 1336 Tokens, which I gained mostly from Campaign Mode and Achievements. With a mere 31 Tokens coming from one offer I completed to push me over the 1000 Token threshold. I was going to buy the 1000 Tokens for 5 Premium Packs special. However, as soon as I crossed the 1000 Tokens mark, with just over an hour left on that particular special, it changed “magically” to a completely different offer for some Tokens, Premium Packs and Coins for $19.99. Even if the drop rates were bad, I figured even one good item from a discount that good would benefit me in the early going.

Well, that does it for Day 1 Progress. I’ll be back tomorrow in this thread to post how well Day 2 went. Have fun everyone.


What the heck is that pic? Is that a noob account or what. I like that.


It’s Base, new accounts have it, TS are testing it and may introduce in future for the rest of players


What’s the benefits of having the base?

It’s a freshly made account just over 24 hours old. And that picture is of the Base. A new form of obtaining boxes and coins through the mobile approach of investing in-game currency and waiting the allotted amount of time in order to reap the benefits. It also replaces Silver Boxes, as they are absent in the Shop on these accounts. It is currently in testing.


As above, some items, free gold and tokens, and from time to time (I think) better items like epics or maybe legends

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Damn, too much work to make a 3rd account…


The buildings you see are the Gold Mines, Item Factory and Headquarters respectively. Each one able to be upgraded based on the level of your HQ.

Gold Mines: Upgrade to increase both the amount of gold generated per hour and the maximum amount that Gold Mine can hold before ceasing production.

Item Factory: Invest Coins and time in order to produce a variety of item cards. In the early going you can choose to produce common cards, commons with a chance at rares, fast production of common cards, slow but cheaper production of common cards, and torso/legs exclusively. Each Item Factory can have up to 100 items in their queue as long as you have the Gold to pay for it. And every item/upgrade can be sped along with Tokens.

Headquarters: Upgrade to allow your other buildings (Gold Mine, Item Factory) to be upgraded to the same level as your HQ. Also, higher levels allow for the placement of additional buildings on the grid.


This is going to take a couple months.
To reach rank 5 you’ll need two max mythical mechs with at least maxed legendary modules.

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Or feel lucky, or become hybrid

Didn’t say I was going to achieve it anytime soon. Just something to do for fun.

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It surely will be awesome to be kept updated everyday.
What you are doing right now is a project noone here has done before.
I really hope you keep doing this everyday.It’s like a SM reality show on the long term :smiley:


Hey bro, don’t stop. Keep this account going as far as possible :slight_smile:

I’m rooting for you! :wink:

Also that “Base” feature looks SUPER cool.


Nice Idea! Hopefully you can keep it going all the way to Rank 5

As for everyone else, let’s start the pool on what day he gets to Rank 5…
Start Date: Aug 11
Conditions: Get to Rank 5, F2P account, Daily Play

How many weeks before he gets there?

  • <1 week (before Aug 18)
  • <2 weeks (before Aug 25)
  • <3 weeks (before Sept 1)
  • <4 weeks (before Sept 8)
  • <6 weeks (before Sept 22)
  • <8 weeks (before Oct 6)
  • <10 weeks (before Oct 20)
  • <12 weeks (before Nov 3)
  • <16 weeks (before Dec 1)
  • <20 weeks (before Dec29)
  • <24 weeks (before Jan 26)
  • <28 weeks (before Feb 23)
  • Never

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How the fk you get a falcon the 2nd day. I’m pissed.


I got it my first day (see Day 1 post).

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Damn. So you spent tokens.

Haven’t spent any tokens on this account thus far.

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Sweet. Now you are my friend… So then you are a very lucky person. I wish I was lucky.

Check out my post.
I’m going to post a new info…

I have seen your thread, doing quite nicely. :slight_smile:

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