Road To Beating 1500 Wins!


Hey Guys! I know I dont wanna show off because of this unbalanced update! However this is a great achivement for me and I have dedicated myself to grinding! I don’t care what medal I get on Friday! But still thanks everyone for battling me to get me here! #CountdownTo1500Wins


Welp, good luck. You are lucky (especially with this update) that you managed to get to top ~100…


Great… now do it when Battle Credits were still a thing. :wink:


Good Luck! btw what item are you using


As much as I am angry about this update, I am happy for you. Your mech is scar af tbh, I think when I fought you I said “pls don’t rape me” XD.

Good luck


He has a beast heat mech


the only beast heat nech i know is the one from kig blinc ( lol he recorded the fight against me )


Just go to the leaderboards and look at fangs mech, you’ll see. It’s a monster.


all hatred towards the new update aside, my dream is to recreate the ultimate heat mech with the new mythicals. That build is my baby, and I would pay serious cash if it meant getting an account with those items. (More so because I am really used to using that build, and not being able to use it is hurting me.)


i know this feeling ._.
i had a dual swarmer mech before the update.
my dream is to create the ultimate physical mech with the new back breaker :smile: