RNGesus seems to like me today

This isn’t a big deal, at all but I just wanted to say this because it’s something that hasn’t happened to me before.

So, firstly from a bunch of the base mix boxes and normal mix boxes, I got like 15 epics from like 18-20 boxes with the ad offer and also got an L-M from a day 21 free premium box.

it was a desert snake so that sucked

Then I did matchmaking and did alright and then this happened at the end of one of the battles:


The guy fighting me realised they could use their scope, so they did, and it did like no damage.
Then the drone also did low damage.
So then I used a deso, and my drone did its thing.
Then the other guy had their turn, used their drone and then I had 7 hp left.

I had to do 436 damage with a non-maxed deso that did 288 damage at its highest and a maxed legendary drone that did 160~ damage at its highest. So I had to do at least 12 hp less than the max dmg I could possibly do at that point.

My deso then just so happened to do, you guessed it, maximum damage. Then my drone finished them off with 154 damage.

Those are pretty low chances.

Maybe that’s a sign I’ll get something good from my arena box tonight?

Let’s hope so.

thank you for reading my tedtalk

Edit: oh yeah, I forgot.
Basically every frantic gay I faced, other than one, which did the usual 700 dmg, did <200 dmg.

And I also had 6 wins in a row.


You had a win streak?
Very well done, just be prepared to lose twice as many battles later


Lmao, it’s happening rn
Trying to get to Rank 7 for the first time for the better reward box… stuck at rank 9

Should’ve left it at 2 stars away from Rank 7


Yes,my Desert Snek is also wasting away.


Is it just completely useless?
I’m planning to use it as myth food for my Claw.

do not think so but I do not think it is a good Idea mythfooding l-m items since they are rare.

Well, it’s pretty much useless.

I used it to myth my claw.

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