RNG unfair control idea to help unlucky people


Many people get so unlucky that after many premium boxes no body gets legendaries so there should be a countdown that after 7 premium boxes If there is no legendary the 7th one gives guaranteed legendary this could help you to at least get something hope you like it.and for premium packs 1 guaranteed legendary at every pack or 2…


@Berserk40000 @Smirk any comments.??




Ummm any reason or simply no




well id like it because i dont have many (L-M) legendarys but id make it more than 7 because the devs would never axcept that :wink:.


Yes because it isn’t a very bad idea.
No because your grammar is all over the place.



Nobody gets legendary*

after… Again*

And no, Just “Git gud”


I have a post for a fix for the randomness.


Nope, buy a premium pack instead of 5 premium boxes and you have quite a high cvhance to get at least 1 legendary item from it.
Save 1000 tokens for the 5 premium pack for 1000 tokens sale and you most likely get 5 or more legendary items far cheaper than 7 or 8 premium boxes anyway.

Why would you waste tokens on 7 premium boxes anyway instead of saving up to buy 2 premium packs?


I’m pretty the verb behind “nobody” shouldn’t add more “s”. But I think u right :wink:


while this would increace my chances of getting an abombination,i have to say no.
the p2w players would just buy tokens and abuse this feature.


I’m sorry but what? I’m actually confused on what the heck did you just said…


Ok :stuck_out_tongue: If I wrong it’s my teacher fail.


How very petty of you…


Oh I understand :stuck_out_tongue: But how+very???


It may have been a bit too advanced for you to understand… The moral of the story is, don’t blame others for your shortcomings; own up to them yourself and either mend them or don’t.


Umm…I know it, don’t you understand a joke behind, it’s full of sarcasm… Maybe the different of cultural?


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Got gud :wink: