Rising portal or Rising map part


for rising are leaved of this world on honor of rising create a rising portal be a cool o a new map part its so cool please make


What happened to rising?


is this Rising?


Go to HTK and look, If rising disappeared than this is him. ( I think he has three energy mechs?)


Rising passed away in real life due to medical issues.


RIP Rising

Characters limit


Did he really, or are you guys bull shitting? find that hard to believe


Yes, people die, also some who play onlinegames, thats life, but hard is people like @PyroBlitz making jokes about, thats under everything :exclamation:


Then that explains the poetic name. R.I.P Rising.



it is Rising…the mechs are the same only the name has changed…btw why did the name change?


OMFG seriously!!?? That Is so sad!! It’s still kinda hard to believe!!


It IS devastating and quite hard to take in the news. :disappointed:


Honestly I believed what they said about him. But I’ve got a feeling that the name ‘Rising’ died and not the player. Otherwise why would someone take over his account.

*Not trying to mean any disrespect, just having a gut feeling.


Tbh so do I, no disrespect.


His son plays his account now.


Ah, then my dearest apologies to Rising and his son.



Was trying to lighten the mood but
I’m not losing any sleep


This makes me really sad… He was a really nice guy he will be missed.


why are no maing the fucking portal its is needs to the game