Rising: I'm Back!


He-ya guys! Its been one month you didn’t saw me at BattleDawn. Well some players know me already that I and them having fun playing in the past. First of all my comeback is a reason.

I just rest and have a vacation for almost 1 month. It is so difficult to left my game and I know @Robin_Hood I waste your money for nothing but I did my best to fight the top 1 alliance and I’m sorry about what happened in our war last F1. Am I right?

The different is… I came back to have a planned surprise? And maybe in a new era I’ll show up. I’m planning to build a alliance in the new era (Well if you want to join, Go! I’m not forcing u and I don’t care if you want to betray me because once you betray me, You’re dead). I’m not a person you know before and I’ve already change, all my mistakes and betrayals… I know I mean it and I’m so sorry. For the persons who are degrading me, bullying me and keep saying to me that I’m a childish? Well back off. You know the person you are and I’ll seek for revenge when we play ^^.

Good Luck guys. Have fun



I’ll not lose hope!!