RIP Falcon. Ave Mixan


M1 has ended (i got rank 4), and it appears Mixan has got rank 9 BOAT, kicking noob Falcon out of the top 10. no more BOAT ribbon for Falcon. Mixan is love, Mixan is life.


Uhh… Its a red ribbon



love you…


Why? And do you love me enough to let me join TMoK?


yes sir. you’re a member of TMoK. welcome to the family, babe


<3 mIxan is love, mixan is life.


But i’m a noob, are you sure about this?


the idea of TMoK isn’t a team of good players. it’s a team of fun players that are also very sexy and perfect in every way (except for the times when they don’t vote yES on my suggestions)


Ok, i’ll try to be perfect on every way. Can’t make promisses on the sexy part tho.


You’ve got some sexy ass medals now, so im sure that’ll make up for it


stahp, you’ll make me blush.


Seems Mixan and PHIL are getting replaced by Sasuke (M2) and Milan (E1) from Top10.


I guess the day Milan Has 3 top 3 BOAT medals , And 6 top 10 BOAT medals isnt far. :wink:


Faker playing supermechs instead of League lmao xD


I think Sasuke could get 3rd.


Yea if he gets some garrisons
He can get 3rd


Rip Mixans boat… it was good while it lasted

Damn bots getting people boats left right and center


Game is broken. It’s extreamly easy to get a top 10 boat if your alliance dominates a world and doing that isn’t too hard either.