Rip boat & medals

It’s time. We all know it’s time. And with the recent events and subsequent ban of one of the games most revered players, I am of the mind that it is time for Battledawn to move on from Medals and the BOAT system.

Originally this seemed like a great idea! Players who won eras had their efforts rewarded with medals and ribbons visible to everyone else. This made it easy to spot “top” players at the outset of an era.
But as the game has progressed the level of competition has in general decreased and players who win competitive eras are rewarded the same as those who won a dead era.

Furthermore, with this system in place there is often little incentive for large scale wars. At the beginning of an era there are two teams that usually fight each other with the stronger one prevailing. From there smaller teams usually knuckle under in hopes of an easy second or a ribbon. This is leading to a dearth of competition.

Even worse is the BOAT system. This rewards players for farming dead worlds, somehow legitimizes crystal trading, sub farming, and is very demoralizing to new players. You have a special ribbon, congrats.

Now, the complete over hall of a system that has been ingrained in our game is hard, but fear not there are ideas for it’s replacement. The prevailing idea is a tier system similar to LOL where players are rewarded for winning harder eras over dead ones. Players would rank up through the accumulation of points that would derive from a number of factors. But the crux of the idea is that your advancement through the ranks would be based on your individual performance, IE: killing armies, and how you went about doing it.

This change is a ways off, so there is adequate time for community suggestions, comments, concerns, etc. But remember, keep everything constructive.

  • Keep the Current Medal System
  • Replace it with a more Comprehensive and Accurate System.

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Now we wait 500 years for change

499 thank you. :slight_smile:


What would you get from winning an era if there were no medals?

Blue Tokens.(20 character)

I believe medals should be maintained not BOATs though. But I agree with the tier system for overall comparison of players especially in special events like CEs.

Wait 500 years and they don’t tell us what they’re changing until they’re ready to change it no matter how much we ask about it*


i like current system… it’s simple and easy… i don’t want more complicated systems which is not even easy to discuss and define with clarity…