Rigged fortune box?


like the title said , according to my personal thoughts , fortune boxes will most likely giving epics , recently i stored up alot of fortune boxes from grinding bigboy hard ,but why every single one of them gives 2 rares except for one that is from insane ? or fortune boxes earned from difficulties are differently rigged ? further explanations please ?


I think they made it more likely for fortune boxes to give junk now.

I also get more blue light boxes compared to purples nowadays.


I agree I have noticed that too


ami only three times I came out in the fortune box three legendary letters that appeared to me when I just avia fortunes boxes a few days later I salary epic and rare I accept it because they serve me a lot to improve things but now neither with big boy give me fortune boxes my luck went and at the worst moment because my legs of my mech are at level 30 and I have 3 legend to improve it to mythic but now that I do not get fortune boxes now I have to saw it to the old


Now I will have to improve consas odd range to be epic and epics to legendary to improve my legs I will take more but good so are things at least you give them fortunes boxes I hope that this Christmas give you 10 fortune boxes and 3 boxes premiun cons legendary cards or a legendary card in a chest like that would give you 3 legendary



the harder the battle is, the grayer they get… :scream:


When I opened x16 Fortune Boxes they were only epics and only 1 in each box.


@Dwightx that’s before the update.


Well rip , seems like not even fortune boxes are gonna help anyone


Fortune box increase my heartbeat but in the end break my heart.


and more if you get that legendary and final hits you get common 100% infarction


Sounds like girlfriends