Ridiculous level of cooling


I am.


Haha hell guys I’ve been trying to hunt for more engines :frowning: but all I get are the damn energy pool ones not the engines haha I am Hunting for more and yep, those legs are the one thing I have not mythed.


I have like 6+ and I want a single regen booster. I know that feeling :confused:

Also I need that hysteria prett badd


I hope you get some much-deserved engines from premium packs. Luckily for you, now days, they’re easier to drop. Hopefully, you’ll get them soon. :pray:


I feel you @rc1 hopefully you too


O my god! I was the guy you were fighting yesterday! max brutality and max devouring paws with corrupted light and supreme cannon and savagery? Name was War Machine X-36 hahaha you were so annoying with you energy weapons we ran into each other 3 times :joy:


DUDE your mech is absurdly crazy!!! omg you have a beast of a mech XD and yes my stupid drainer is annoying as hell but heat monsters like you make me cry T.T @War_Machine_X36 you have a beautiful thing going on


I have 585 max heat and 440 cooling on my heat . This is good!

I think you need less max heat (800 is too much) and 350 cooling.

If you have Phys or energy 400 max heat and 300 cooling is good.


Quite correct Wep. Less experienced players feel that massive heat cap is OP, when in fact cooling is more important, especially when facing Magmas and hot showers. I find that 350 cooling is sufficient enough to avoid complete shutdown, although 300 is adequate if properly managed. Also, when facing advanced heats, it is inevitable that you will overheat almost every turn, even with a 700-800 cap, you will get to that point. So having say a 450 cap with 350-400 cooling will keep you in the game every turn without manually cooling.

On a Zark torso, 2 engines and 2 boosters is damn good. However, 1 engine and 3 boosters is more efficient. Problem is, it’s an awful item to max up.


so with two engines and two cooling modules this guy can take heat? i know that cooling saved me nice against heat recently, so i’m trying to make to that point that you stated :slight_smile:


Try removing a heat engine, replacing one with a cooling booster and using the extra space and weight for another plate