Ricemech88 bring your newbie to a duel with my new OP mech


Later, in the english chat, i will be waiting for your newbie @Ricemech88 ! Also build another noob mech because this is going to be an 2v2 duel
A spare duel.
who wins is called the D.U.E.L master


This is an joke right?


let’s see newbie in action. @Ricemech88 this is going to be an 2v2 duel so bring another op (noob)


Also @Ricemech88 what is your nickname?


Oh you have an newbie mecc lol
I though you’re gonna use strongest one…

Fair enough.


His IGN is Unknown…


This isn’t even funny lol

Those trash mechs stand no chance against the elusive legacy newb


don’t tag me while I’m sleeping


idk when you are sleeping.
better say “im going to sleep so do not disturb me”


i will nub duo you, when i make 2 nub mechs