Rhyming Games Starts now


Each BD player posts a word or a whole phrase that rhymes with the one posted above him/her easy huh?

Ohw and no repeating.

So il start,



I like to run

(woo 20 char limit)


Till i see the sun

(woo 20 char limit)


May I use a stun gun?


Well, I guess I’ll just settle for a pun


which hasn’t even begun


I feel like things are getting overrun


never forgetti moms sphagetti


How does that rhyme with overrun?! :joy:


hahahahaha nice fail Youssef


swagger that was just abusive

(bit of a stretch I guess)


the best rapper is lil boosie

had to change the ending a bit but it still rhymes. just not fully


everything rhymes if your brave enough


I see that rhyming is not a thing for BD players xD


Do you really think that?
check this out then, things got pretty serious midway



Starting over!! New rhyming word!

Brave. (Go!)


Kaen is my slave (no joke)


I like raves

character less forum


You also live in a cave and don`t shave


Leo please behave :wink: