Reworking heron mark and it's energy counterpart

Since the beta of reloaded , these swords are really good , but for some magical and spooky reasons they got nerfed into a trash myth food item now , my idea is that if the axes counter part of heron mark and it’s energy counter part tend to high damage and mediocre heat damage/energy drain , for the swords , they should have their damage reduction compensated with cooldown/regeneration reduction into it , making these less of a piece of trash and somewhat usable Not as good as the beta ones ofcourse , too overpowered or not buffed enough ? feel free to comment below


Wait axes are still out there

Storm weaver is an example of the axe

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Oh I did not know probilly because I never got or seen one going to go off to topic but like my new profile pic

wind weaver is a great axe too :wink:

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Actually,I agree.
These two swords are kind of useless at the moment and they should be worked on.
Even when paired with something else (say,an axe or other close range weapons),their combo is still not as effective as the rest.
Well,SeraphBlade is something but these two are too weak to actually be effective on a competitive build.


Oh wait you mean the heat and energy version of the seprah blade

Seraph as actually a great hitter and goes well combined with a couple other weapons.
Its counterpart swords however…

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The seprah blade is my favorite yah I can agree people fought me with those other 2 and I still beat them

I agree.they have low dmg(144-232),even worse than crimson rapture and ash creator,and that makes them useless.


I’ll give a hefty yes to this idea. These two swords need a real buff, and I think cooling/regen damage would do the trick nicely. Say, between 8 and 12.