Rewards for all top 6 clans


Guys i think there are tens of thousands of clans in this game and only top 6 clans are considered best clans but why only top 3 clans get free things not the other 3 its very hard to be in top6 majority of the players in top 3 clan are like playing for so many years like 3 or 4 years so basically the clan which got top 3 so many years back are still gettin free stuff while the others dont get anything and almost all non top 3 clan member want this change because of it many great clans have been destroyed cuz some people cant spend that much money so we should give all top 6 clans rewsrd cuz they all earn it and also i think there should be a country ranking too and people should be given a chance to earn country medals too…[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes free mythical and power kits for all top 6 clan
  • No only top 3 should get things


Also im not a member of any top 6 clan i just play for fun not to compete but i have seen many good and best players saying goodbye to game because of this reason


Top 3 - same rewards. Fusion, medals, mythicals
Top 5 - One 5,000 - 10,000 power kit and the same mythical as the other clans.
This could work idk.


I don’t see any competitive top 6 clan. That spot can be reached by some random clans with mostly 600 wins and has nearly the same amount of loses too


Lmaoo this is so true.
They usually increase clan member capacity to accomodate new top players. To do a top 5 or 6 they may need to cut down the clan size limits…


Just look at this…


That’s kind of the point…

Top 6 is easier to achieve, thus giving non top-3 clan players a chance to receive a small prize for their efforts.



maybe that will make the 6th spot more competitive and why not make it that 1-3 has a better reward than 4-6


The people in clan 4-6 are relatively noobs compared to the 1-3 clans… and they get such a small reward.


Time has not come yet.


I voted no. Top 5-6 is quite easy to get. My clan got it many times. We had a 2:1 win to lose ratio, and got 5th or 6th place many times. It should be top 4 only. Or make so top 3 get better rewards. Top 3 could get one or two mythicals, and one or two 10,000/50,000 power kits. Places 4-6 could get a 50,000 power kit. Maybe one myth, but that is stretching it.


Please no, the top 3 clans barely change… :confused: