Reward For Quitting

Why don’t we just get full gold and xp as if we won when the opponent quits?


Very good question !

And I wonder how long it takes until WE get a serious answer about !?



I do love a good old argument… :popcorn:

Stay on topic guys, save this for the private messages.


cause,thats just plain cheating…or is it not? i dunno but i half agree half disagree

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As a top 10 player it takes several minutes for me to get a match even in 1v1, then the person quits and because people recognize me instantly, I get a lot of quitters. I can have over 50 or more people quit in a row, depending whos on. So I spent all that time and got nothing from it 0. Just a bunch of wasted time. How is it cheating if you get the reward if someone quits? They lost by default they quit.