Reward for PVP Fights


When winning a PVP fight, I earn around 2700 gold before completing all daily quests. However, this falls to about 570 gold after completing the daily quests for that day.

Is it normal that the reward for winning a PVP fights is much smaller after completing the daily quests?


Yeah it is , I get 11k (with premium) when my daily quests are available, and 2k after I complete them


That’s a real shame. It’s almost as if they don’t want us to binge play :joy:


Try Ranking to 5 or 4,Players tend to make mistakes cause its a high rank,one lose is like losing twice,trust me


The most annoying thing is when people quit while you have this quest… you wont get anything. As a rank 1 player you totally wasted ~9000 gold ( dont know correct number ) with an premerium account you would get 12k. The’re usally 1-3 players who quit while i’m doing this quest. :frowning: I hope the devs will fix it


Yes that is a problem. I mostly do 3v3, usualy do about 6-10 fights/day. And with daily wins, first 2 3v3s, i am denied 50k gold bu quiters.
Altho i understand their perspective, the fact that you end up against a more powerfull mech and you cannot win, and you will lose time loosing, i find it it is like to spike the otherone… like a negative thing, and having denied the 50k does make you have a bitter feeling towards the quiter.


Just imagine, that when playing on Android, the bonus fights can yield 36 k each, after watching commercials, so it is 72 k gone. And I USUALLY lose this money thanks to quitters. It is as if I almost transform one legendary into a myth EVERY DAY! DIE IN HELL, QUITTERS…


You do actualy know that even top 10 players do that… it’s a habbit to dish the other guy.
A better balancing of matchmaking would solve it, but then you would hit the lack of players that u fight, 10-20 mins for a fight… and only the other guy to quit on you?


Quitters are woven into the fabric of the game… They will always be around inless the garment changes… I E better matchmaking but that requires effort on the devs part👎🏻