Reward for completing this game!

First time beating Big Boy (easy) and I receive 1 rare and one common! Then, from the “special” box on the map… three common! First time ever I got only common from that box!

Haha. Gratz to me :slight_smile:

I tried the game one more day all day and got too many greys and not one yellow even from the FINAL BOSS so really I won’t try anymore!


Welcome to the club! 2 days ago I opened a Fortune Box in BB insane and had 3 common ones.

They have nerfed the boxes a lot. Even the item boxes that are bought with coins.


Exactly… while I was recording runs from start until some v.9.8 start, when nerf was obvious and provocating - by that time calculation was 65-75% less fusion points - it was so pointless to continue writing ‘0’. ‘0’… so often 3-5 runs in a row without box - we are talking now of magnitutde 3x and more nerfs – and all across the board! - fortune boxes, epics, silver boxes…
I cannot explain that more closer then some form of sadistic behaviour…


I can feel you, I think you are a F2P player, and even if you take as much as possible effort into it (which would be crazy anyways), you cannot progress anyhow, since commons items give very less boost :grey_exclamation:

I mean, I cannot really complain about, since I found a few very good items, BUT I also know the other side, not finding anything good for weeks (!), so it is very frustrating indeed :exclamation:

Also imagine you go for a medal and you stay in Top3 most of the time. But cos you didn’t found any good new powerfull items, even if you spent a lot of real money, you fall out last 2 hour, that must also be very frustrating :grey_exclamation:


Maybe better to see it only as possibility to waste some time, instead to see it as a game, which could make F U N :exclamation:



I am getting epics (purple) quite often form boxes lol

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get…


More like a box of snakes and cockroaches… and common items

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it is not like before the boxes before were bug of so many myths that could give you and the common boxes were very rare legendary and if you were lucky a mythical now the best you can give is rare and epic because seeing a legendary is difficult when they just put the box fortune big boy gave me a legendary card a day and if he fought again he gave me epic letters and now he only gives me common and weird cards or even worse he does not give me anything I think big I take away the legendary streak: v

Fortune boxes seem to have around a 5% chance of common, 45% chance rare, 45% epic and 5% legendary.

Pretty bad but what can you do? :slight_smile:

You don’t.

the probalities of today of epic and legendary rare letters are in a 0% because they do not give me a chest more than money: ’

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Not agree on that. I’ve tracked 250+ insane runs by now, I have a 7% chance of epic (standard and fortune box combined) but just a 0.3% on legendary. Fortune boxes give me tons of rare and common, an epic every now and then (more then than now) but almost no legendaries :disappointed_relieved:


Forrest Gump
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I think this is very good advice (sadly). Thankyou, I will do as you say.

It is sad because with just a bit more chance to upgrade/obtain good items (charge module is almost IMPOSSIBLE to drop) I would be a dedicated player for years and I usually spend at least 50 dollars a month on games I am dedicated to (after testing them).

@Sarah247 after completing campaign on test acc i got 3 common cards too. From BigBoy box, lol.


@TheStuF i think you have missed thanksgiving spl event which takes place 3 days ago. Because of many ppl complaint about charger, it was easy to acquire in this spl event i played few on normal mode n i got 5 charger.
I think they should provide app notification prior to any spl events.
During event i had requested for blue engine because i had none. Yesterday i got 2 blue engine from ramboy. :grinning:


I have no idea what the exact drop rate is, this is just a guess.

My experience seems to be about 1 in 5 runs being fortune, and somewhere around 1 in 20 legendary. I don’t know though, it might be much lower.

I know and I’ve understood well what you meant; also, my point wasn’t to contradict you for the sake of it: I just wanted to share my point of view since I’ve put some effort into data collecting and analyzing, and 250+ runs seems a number high enough to start talking about statistic and get some real number out of the game.

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Yes - they should have notified me because i complained that charge engine was not dropping one month ago ago and support said "The charge boost is still a module that you can get. " Nothing more! I said “no, it is not” and explained it but they ignored me.

I think I did play that event but I only got “last words” weapon from it.

Shouldn’t need an event for the charge boost - it has its own slot that unlocks early game!

I have lots of other modules I want to use but still i am level 23 so they sit idle because of only 2 slots meanwhile my charge engine slot is rusting haha

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Just wanted to point out that you can actually get charge engine without any events, it’s just a matter of luck.