Revert NF Nerf or Nerf Resistance


And i can shred almost every type of enemy with NF, like i said, something is wrong with his build.


Just need to keep using draining resistance weapons, maybe desert fury…


Show me you consistently doing 350+ damage to someone. Then maybe I’ll belive you.


Its hard, since now most builds have at least a bit of res…Btw, i said i can kill the mechs, not about damage.


Doing 350+ damage was what made the NF a NF. Now that it can’t do that, it’s not very good.


And thats why they made ShortRanger, duh…


Just saying:

Those are, for me, the resistance draining focused phys weapons…
Guess what ?
They are all Premium…


Okay, so…Let me give you a nice cup of Valiant Sniper’s energy drain nerf, and while you complain about it, I tell you “That’s why they made LongShocker, duh…”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say I agree or not about the asumption about NF…I just dislike the "replace a weapon with a drone, duh…" part of what you saied…It feel it’s misplaced…


Well, blame TS, not me :man_shrugging:


But it’s your fault for bringing it up :man_shrugging:


Dude just use Annihilation its much more damage, no energy/heat cost, and more resistance drain. Or just use 2 annihilations and a nightfall or 2. If a weapon gets nerfed just use another that was better stats from the beginning.


Also i don’t see how blaming ppl is going to help anything. In fact, if anyone who could change the nerf read this then they’d probably be less likely to change it bc it would probably seem to them that you are just stirring up trouble and bickering.


What’s the point of an item if it gets completely overshadowed by another one? Just using the annihilation doesn’t help the problem. The problem is Nightfalls are underpowered and they are getting worse and worse the more people get l-m resistance modules.


I would agree butAbandon%20Thread!


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Lmao what did I just read


Wonder if i can flag people for stupidity


Won’t work,trust meh.


My opinion on your comment
Point 1

“massive damage weapon” is just a phys weapon…and as a lot of ppl says, raw damage is the only main “good point” for phys, when Heat force you to cool down and Energy sucks your energy out to deal more damage and reduce your fighting capabilities…

Point 2

NF is outdamaged by some weapons too…

Physical part

Mercy, Mighty Cannon, War Hammer, BackBreaker, Spartan Carnage…
Annihilation is tied with him…

Energy part

Delerium, Bunker Shell, Viking Hammer, StormWeaver, Last Words, Bulldog are somewhat tied with him…

Heat part

Red Rain, Reckoning, Magma Blast, Flaming Hammer are somehat tied with him too…

Point 3

NF has Heat and Energy cost… meaning you have to watch your stats if you face an elemental mech…

Point 4

Did you heard about Elemental Damager builds ? The ones that relies on dealing the most damage (just as phys) more than elemental effect (Overheat or Energy drain)
Because you need less Engines/Boosters/Storage Units to counter them compared to their Pure Element counterpart, but you’ll need more HP and Resistance in exchange…

Point 5

To counter phys, you “can almost do nothing” because you simply need HP and Resistance, as opposed to Heat and Energy mechs that also require elemental stats…

I think I saied all the counterargument I see…


I cant say " nf was nerfed to shit" , but 350+ become for me rlly very rare thing… i don’t now is that my luck or just big joke of RNG