Revert NF Nerf or Nerf Resistance


Nightfall is absolutely pointless now. Rarely does it every do over 350 damage anymore, not to mention 400+ damage that it used to do. Annihilation does almost as much damage but more resistance drain and no costs.

My mech that was based around 2 nightfalls is basically irrelevant; I lose to physical mechs with less health than me that are only using annihilations. I can’t beat some heat mechs now, not because I don’t have good heat, but because they have as much health as me and 100 physical resistance.

Energy mech, 40 phys resistance on 550 HP. 2 nightfall shots left it on 2 health. Those 2 nightfall shots used to be able to do 700-800 damage, before the nerfs and resistance buffs now can barely do 600.

My proposal is to either revert the nerf or nerf all the resistances together. The 40% extra resistance update was the worst, now there’s even torsos that specialize in physical resistance. Combined with a mighty protector (which a lot more people have now) and 40% resistance boost, physical mechs have been driven to extinction.

Even in top ranks, before there was a fair amount of physical mechs, now there’s barely any. Out of the top 10 people, only 1 person has all 3 phys mechs and 3 other people who have a single physical mech. Out of the 30 mechs in top 10, 6 of them are physicals. Only 20% of the current top 30 mechs are phys, which is sad. Hell, even Gorgon switched. He was a loyal physical user and even he quit using phys.

Devs either need to revitalize physicals in some way (add a new e-m phys weapon that’s actually DECENT) or do what I said above (revert NF nerf and resistance buffs).


I quit using phys on a season start, just after wining a medal, not because it was bad. I was just bored.
You see less phys around because others got stronger (especially heat), and because mono type line up are dead; not because phys is weak, certainly not because nf is weak.
To me phys became a lot better with the new drones too.

I droped using phys for 2 reasons: boredom and to give a shot to heat (at that time everybody was asking for buffs, wanted to see by myself).
I still use anti heat/phys physical builds sometimes, and they are damn efficient, even a dual sweeti i did yesterday…
My 2 cents.


Dude,I think your neurons are not functioning properly.
Do you realize that the nerf on NightFall’s damage is almost non-existent?

That’s because that’s the value of its upper limit.Your opponent has to have negative resistance for it to do more…

I didn’t know that nerfing 11 damage would actually create a 50+ damage gap.
Seriously dude,do you even know what you’re talking?Looks like you’re very confused.

Again,the nerf only took 11 out of its max damage.I didn’t know that 22 less damage nerfed (both NF’s) would result in differences of more than 100 damage.Extraordinary!!!Or maybe you skipped maths classes?

This thread is absolutely useless and its author has absolutely NO idea what he’s talking about.


You were unlucky so it’s fits in the damage limit even if NF was not nerfed


Just so you dont get confused also.
In theory, and also very rare in practice NF could hit 355×1.2 = 426, now.
It would hit a bit more befor 366x 1.2 =439.
Now depending on RNG, it could do the 400ish more often then now.
Not saying it is a dramatic change, but statisticly speacking now this 400ish dmg will apear less and less, and same can be said by 350ish.
It is just statistics.


That 11 damage nerf, combined with everyone having 50+ resistance is what makes it bad.


I still shred through most 2k 100 psyh res mechs no problem, maybe it’s your mech that is the problem here?


Tell your complaints about resistance to mass heaters which try to focus on overheating an opponent.
They will tell you:
“Just the res is your problem? Pff, the damage from my mass heating weapons is at most around 250 and the phys mechs run around with over 100 ExpRes, too, while all the time equipping so many heat modules that their heat stats are better than those of my heat mech! Try to build a working mass heater first and then compare the problems with that before you complain about the PhysRes!”


Even since i’m using an claw phys mech who has nightfall,i’m not gonna complain about that big-small nerf.Why won’t i complain about that nerf? Cause it’s not that big problem,plus i won’t be that small kid boi who screams that my nightfall got nerfed A LOT or something like that.Nightfall is perfect as it is now,no joke.Even if it’s still nerfed,i’m still gonna use it.If it got nerfed a lot,then i might change my build,but as you can see,that nerf is not that bad.
That’s all i can say,do what eps ya want.

Oh and it might be RNG that’s messing with you.What can i say?


everyones wearing platinum vests so it gives almost an immunity / enough stall time to anyone facing phys


Then there are rounded heat mechs that are impossible to beat.

They are energy free but can still do as much as a regular heat mech due to heatpoint and heatbomb, and Deso. The nerf to Deso did absolutely nothing, as my phys AND energy mechs can’t beat them, and I doubt other heat mechs can either. They have more hp than my phys mech, immune to energy, and have more heat than any normal heat mech. This game is broken and I see no hope left in it. I don’t even feel like playing anymore.

I would rather play Roblox than this shite unbalanced excuse for entertainment.


solo le bajaron 11 de daño no es tanto, yo tengo 2 nighfall y los mechs de calor no me vencen por que tengo un buen mech


My build physical too shred some guys easily, something is wrong with the build…Like i said before, if you cant go up in rank, something is wrong with your build.


este es mi mechs

rara pero rara ves me vencen lo mechs de calor y eso que no lo tengo al full


If desolation is your problem, then do a hugger build, create counters for the mechs that you have problem with


Yes. I am with you nightfall now hardly does 350 damage. And against MPV and LPV its like ant VS elephant…


Deso isn’t my problem on my phys mech, I can still beat them (if they don’t have 100 phys resistance and 2600 hp) but instead my energy mech can’t beat shet anymore because of so many energy free heat weapons.


100 psyh res and 2600 hp is nonexistent in rank 9, hell even in rank 5 i see max 2.7k hp mechs but without res or 2k hp with around 74 res


This is honestly sad. Viking Hammer, an energy weapon that drains a lot of energy, hits harder than Nightfall more often than not, without even counting the energy drain. This is because lots more people equip phys protectors than energy protectors.

As of now, any build involving nightfall is a hopeless cause. 90% of the people you face in arena has some kind of phys resistance, and most of the time NF does around 250-300 damage (far less than even energy and heat weapons can do). Devs need to do something about this, because when an energy or heat weapon (they do heat and energy damage) does more base damage than phys (which only has damage, nothing else), there’s going to be problems.

Either nerf resistance so it’s not possible (or very hard) to get 100+ resistance or revert back the NF nerf with some small added buffs.


It was nerfed by only 11 damage Lol.