"reverse thrusters" can be helpful


imagine the situation where you are caught in enemy’s corner { most of us might have experienced such a situation, for them there is no need to imagine } and your enemy heats you to lose one move for cooling. even with a 3 jump/walk legs you will still be in his favourite range(2-4). one option currently available is to teleport out of there. how about a “reverse thruster” an opposite of charge; with 2-3 or 4 uses


you mean something like BlowBack, Push , Bully


Sadly you can’t get these now as they are Legacy items
I have heard that there no items with gives that amount of Knockback


these things help when you are in your corner, to push your enemy away.but when you are stuck in enemy’s corner, only teleport can help now. we need either legs with 4-5 jump/walk or reverse thrusters


for pushing there was a better weapon, a sword named shockwave with unlimited uses and 4 knockback


Frog Legs?? Yeah

I still don’t understand this
Did you mean taking opponent and your Mech both away from one corner to other


That’s a great idea why did the devs didn’t think of that


did u read the situation i wrote. have you gone through such a situation. then u will understand the helplessness


well i did every time until i lose