Reverse psychology

So i came up with this idea … instead of stop spending money on this game … i suggest that we spend much more than we used to … this will lead for 2 Possibilities :slight_smile

  1. devs will notice that we still love them and love the game and they will feel sorry for the “ugly” update they made and increase drop rate…
  2. they will make a worse update for us …
    thx for attention and comment what you think …
    Peace :sunny:
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That not work like it


i cant spend cause im a kid… and i play on kongregate so yeah…


All the paying boycotts and such wont work anyway

There are 30,000 active people on this game, and Im assuming quite a bit pay (1000, a bit more or less, although it is impossible to know for sure, could be 3000)
There are around 100 players here on this forum, and around half pay.
50 people out of thousands is nothing, really

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i cant spend but yah i will help in any other way

That’s not reverse psychology. It’s classic Stockholm syndrome.


Pls go to idea topic…

Thank you very much.

And about the topic…yeah i agree.

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Honestly, I can’t agree with you there. Considering how all our spending up to date hasn’t gotten us much in the way of good updates… and some people (like El_Metre) have spent a truly awesome amount. IMHO, spending money just tells them that they can do whatever they feel like and the dough will keep on rolling in. I realize there’s no realistic way to boycott TS just through this forum, so I don’t try. Everyone here has a right to make their own decisions on that point, and all I can do is provide points for thought - and here they are: If you give a child a cookie to make him stop throwing a tantrum, all you do is teach him that throwing tantrum = cookie. I’m not calling the dev team children, don’t get me wrong here, but I believe the analogy still holds. Think of that next time you open your wallet for this - or any - game.