Revenge against Viruuut

Are you tired of this user winner you, for using old items?

Do not worry, you can win the equal, and I show you an example :slight_smile:

No one is invincibleā€¦

Despite the traps, the villain always falls


friendly reminder

this is just a flash game which should be played if and when u got bored


I respect Viruuut because he have unique mech builds and if you played this game for more than 2 years you deserve to have old items.


Well i mean, even though i use 2 close range physical mechs i still win

That was one hell of a battle right there, I tell you what.

Game since 2012, with the big update old players, we have been forced to lose the old items when converting them.
That is why it is not fair that there are those who kept them, supposedly there must be equality for everyone, otherwise it is not a clean gameā€¦


he wasnt using legacy items in that battle tho, i hate when he does, but he didnt

oh , he did in his 3rd mech

Hahahahah now heā€™s not using cancer builds anymore,finaly.

i donā€™t see anything wrong with using old items

Bruh i just like to see players use sh8 load of stategie on a click-to-quit game lol