Returning to BD/ No longer have contacts

Hey I’m looking to play serious again if anyone is willing to take me into a top alliance, as it seems like I no longer have any old CME contacts on M2. I can be active 24/7.

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I don’t think 24x7 activity is needed anymore :slight_smile: there is 5 teams taking turns to win each round, lol

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Serious ?? It has gotten that bad?

Hoo yeah, only thing u need to watch out for ,are those damage units that the bot colonies have early on in the era, be careful not to suicide your spams, once they r conquer you can just go back to sleeping

Bro its way better than that take a look at e3 and other eras Big wars happening

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Isn’t it the same 40 players each era playing against/with each other? I was on E3 , thanks to PLO there was some fun, otherwise it was going to be pretty much a battle hug era after USA got killed at tick 200 . . . Even the rank 2 team at that time(tick200) said they made politics and decided they would stick with r2 … Lol

Thats how it was even in 2013. 4 alliances going for the win was the best thing a server could see. Rest people were support/ sub/ trolls as they still are , the only thing that has changed is that previously few new players would plant and ask how it is played , noone gave a crap about them , killed them , mocked them and probably the guy planted again or maybe not , but he was nothing more than a free conquer and xp farm ,instead of them now we have AI colonies.

I meant there isnt really more than 40-50 players r n that knows how to play lol , And I’m sure most of the cases there is only 2 teams playing to win, and some even win with 0 competition !

Not me buddy
I knowing the importance these new players never did that. In fact while playing if I ever got a message asking fot help or even a BC asking for help, I would respond to them by sending them the link to AANC and answering some basic questions if they had any.
Just that I did this not in 2013 but post 2014

I led the rank two team. I built that team from scratch on the era. It was a mediocre team. I was happy to settle for rank two.