Return / Turn back squad


Hi, I’m going to try and make this really simple.

In this picture on the right side I was thinking we could implant a return button for each squad making pulling individual squads end of tick much easier.


Although with this return button I would remove the warning that makes you confirm the squad return. By removing this option end of tick actions would be faster (keep in mind that this option won’t be completely removed from the game, only for this suggestion) : [details=Summary][/details]

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  • No

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Can’t you already turn individual squads in the squads menu?


Yes you can, but lets say spam a couple of outposts with full squads, while you are eta 2, end of tick you want to pull rest and leave only 1 to land. This way in the squads menu you have to trace every single squad and check what is the destination of the squad so you don’t pull the wrong squad. Imagine doing this end of tick


Ahh fair enough. Voted yes then


yes i like the idea also seems a lot easier than the other way


this is an awesome idea. the one im suggesting is similar