Return to the old version

who thinks that tacticsoft creates a page especially to play in the anti-funk version by section of the new

old version of what sm

yes supermech have separately the new and old version as there are players who are not satisfied with the new version and disapprove and I think it’s a good idea to make the game on another page but with the old version

nah i am fine with the new version

who wants this idea?

  • I like this!
  • nah

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It’ll split the number of people playing and will increase wait times then people will get bored so they will leave

Incorrect. Nobody would leave. If TS is able to shit on their players with every update and exploit their players, and the plsyers keep playing, nobody gonna leave because of long wait times or for any reason whatsoever. They would complain on the forum and threaten to leave but thats it.


It would be disadvantageous to SM because the amount of players would at best stay the same ormaybe even decrease while TS would have to pay 2 servers to run, have to create events for both versions, fix errors and bugs on both versions and also monitor cheating (at least officially say so) in both versions.
So that equates to:
Far more costs for no additional income = not profitable.

And hence not gonna happen.


that makes sense because if they did they would ask about more money

Okay fair enough


I have no clue if i want it back or not…Ill just let it be



No one from these mechs have fully-Reloaded mech.

Sure you do not like it, but let’s be realistic, nothing will return as before, if already the game changed a lot, but a lot and those who left the game and returned years later is unrecognizable, but that’s the way it is. Everything changes but at least the game was able to recompose and move on and I no longer see criticism of the game (For now) as did Madao San before the game implemented the involvement.
So it would be better if you reconsider your friend idea this and change and stay that way and I do not see anything bad in this version. (:
Att- The one that knows more about dubstep.

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i agree for the old version many has complain because of theyre money being “wasted” and waited for this update and thought that the update was cool it was awesome but they end up being disappointed and angry and many has left the game cause of it before the server can have about 500 now only like 232.

you are late by 7 months