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I made pictures for you;)


I made a detailed post about i suggest you find it as it explains why shields do not matter. Why we cant also have Shields?


shields are only truly advantageous in raid, which is fine by me. the legacy players got screwed harder than the new ones ever will, and a few extra tokens won’t even begin to cover the losses


Me (75 tokens) (if I don’t try) > Asa/Ztsky (500/400 tokens)


200 tokens season -_-


Thank you brother, very nice work.


=) we are a team! We are a clan! So I decided to update your pictures =) So that everyone would have all the same =)
you are like brothers to me!


Thats the spirit!!!


dont you mean by thanos fingersnap?


No I don’t.

  • I always fused my Shields (they brought me more losses than victory)
  • I never got the Push weapons
  • The old drones are weakass compared to Reloaded ones (and Relaoded’s have more “side effects” to synergy with builds (push, pull, etc))
  • I never got Fire Trail Mk.I (2 uses charge)
  • I have a Lightning Gate Mk.I, but just for fun, because there’s the Reloaded one, which would be more useful to me, considering I don’t have an energy mech
  • I have only the Rock Biter left from the 2 uses hooks (I’m a phys main), but it also have fiearce downsides: energy dependance, limited range, higher weight than Reloaded one and less damage

Clearly, I have no advantage in this…


they have to keep these shields in game or HTK members will start a riot if these shields are removed




Rikka gotta love you for that profile pic of yours now… ;’/ <3


I have said more than once that with them they take 500 tokens each time without losing hp, since if the damage done is 100 hp, this drone regenerates them, that is, if you go through the raid with 1500 hp, then you will end up with 1500 hp of this cheating He was me, but I, as a garish player, got rid of old objects!


Do you know that the points earned are reduced by the amount of DAMAGE TAKEN, not HP LOST WHEN COMPARED TO MAX HP AT THE END OF THE MISSION ?


Ты не понял о чем я написал в том сообщении! Если у тебя сняли хп то он их востановил"
Ты понял что я тебе обьясняю !
У меня было "2 этих дрона они
“востанавливают жизни меха " ! если ты не знал об этом то хватит писать всякий бред !”


Vodka to you too ^^

(I don’t understand what you said)


Learn Russian! got it


You do not understand what I wrote in that message! If you took off hp then he restored them "
You understand that I will explain to you!
I had "2 of this drone they
“Restoring the lives of furs”! If you did not know about it, then stop writing any nonsense! "


if you don’t know old items then just don’t fit in!