Return to the force field game


Вернуть в игру силовое поле or, remove it!

I have repeatedly come across players that I could not destroy because of their electric fields, or the heat of the field

This is a great thing that was before the update! I say hello to the developers: return or remove this item!

@Berserk40000 @Mohadib


The fact that the 1kg teleport was made useless, an thus thru out the last remaining things that we held as usefull from legacy.
Should be only fair that the rest of them should be removed.
It has been proven that these legacy shields provide an incredible advantage to the user.
Also the low weight push wepons should also be dealt with, since they also provide unparamont advantages to the users.
Equality of chance.


They don’t provide an incredible advantage. Most of the legacy items uses more energy than the newer ones.


Cough cough irony

If it’s not, then I take back my like El_metre ^^


If you say so, if you say so

What does this mean ?

I just want to know, you want the devs to screw up players that were intelligent enough to keep legacy shields ?
Just for ONE PERSON’s (your) sake ?


Shields were said to make to comeback within Enhancers update…
Said update is still being engineered…

Sarah is on hiatus since monthes now…
No need to tag her

Calling someone a cheater just because they use a game feature (not available to you, but still a game feature) is pretty rude, isn’t it ?


I still have my shields and my push wepons.
Even have the former 1kg teleports, that now got chubby and weight 20kg… thus useless.
Sure they are game features, but have you taken the time actualy sum up what that advantage is?
25% dmg reduction for 12 kg? At the cost of 1 energy for each 2 dmg blocked?
Here is a simple example :
A 400 shot of spartan Vs a Vest with protector = 255 dmg dealt.
If shield is equiped : 255 x .25 = 64 dmg avoided.
For 32 energy.
Now put that in a combo : 2 spartan shots + tonto all hiting 400 dmg.

  1. Vs simple Vest and protector = 255+270+ 285 = 810 dmg.
  2. Vs shielded Vest protector = 191 +202 + 214 = 607 dm. For 100 energy.


You’re talking to who ?
What’s the point fo your post if it’s for me ?


Talking to you, buddy.
You said that not to screw up players that saved certain items…
Well Moha said he wont touch the legacy items and some may still be powerfull…
But they facked up the 1 kg teleports.
Ok, so the 1 kg teleports were unfair… ok…
Then the other legacy items, that are just as unfair, should suffer the same thing, if thinks are ment to be fair and equal.
And gave you an example of how the legacy shields provide 200 dmg reduction/ turn, at the cost of 100 energy.
This i find unfair, because :

  1. This feature is only accesible to some.
  2. This feature in a 5 turn battle/mech, avoid 1000 dmg . In a numbers war, this is huge. It is like haveing 3800 hp instead of 2800 hp.
    See my point?
    Regarding the push wepons , there are 3 of them :
  3. A 7kg , 2 use, pushback 3, this is the most used.
  4. A 24 kg, 2 use , pushback 4,
  5. A 32 kg, 3 use, pushback 5, this is the prefered against tonto builds.
    These work from range 1, and even tho they use energy, they give you an incredible advantage against short range users, since they can fire from range 1, then combo with desired wepon.


Wrong :exclamation:

Wrong :exclamation:

I always see you argumenting for your own advantage, AND that with wrong “facts” :exclamation:

So please, IF you do argumenting for your own advantage, please try at least to stay with facts :exclamation:

Legacy items are ok and we all were promised that we can hold them :exclamation:

As @YGGM stated correct, shield will be reintroduced anyways (sooner or later) :exclamation:

No need to do anything against, it was even not correct to change the Legancy Teleport, as El_Metre himself stated :exclamation:



major derp logic.

“they broke their biggest promise when they removed teleports, so we should just allow ourselves to be fully cucked and let them take the rest”



His command of english aint top notch. Hes a very nice guy. Go easy on him plize.


the same people that have oposed the ideea of shield removal, are the same one that have them in use.
Looking to protect their advantage no matter what, like they have done in so many other topics.
What i really said, was if the devs broke their word and facked up the legacy teleports, in order for all to have the same playing field chance, and be equal, then the rest of the OP items from legacy must go, not just the ones that suite us. Just so things are fair.
Here is a nice lecture of the shields topics on this lovely forum :

The same players that take advantage of them, are still here to defend them… because it is in their advantage.
A clean board is needed, for all, not just some.


What part you dislike of what I said ?




i dont think it can be entirely removed.
the code can be changed to make it useless (like metre said above about the legacy teleporter)
editing the code is the only option (then again im not a coder so it could be removed).
or maybe we can get a reloaded sheild that sarah anounced atleast a year and a half ago.


Shields can be erased with a dev’s fingersnap…


Actually, I´m so disappointed in the way the developers act, that I no longer have the strength to keep insisting on these things. Let them do whatever they want! After all … what is the reason for the competition? earn medals like the Dutch cows?

Today I met Urbu, he carries shields on all his mechs, but he isn´t the only one, of course! Developers disabled the 1k teleports, but still allow the shields. At least, if you don´t want to eliminate it, increase the weight considerably as weight of teleport increased!


Listen yas gaming I know that your inventory is packed with them! and I fought with you more than once and I saw that only because of them you stayed alive! You’re using these force fields in the raid! It is also necessary to remember that previously there were jerks of jerks that could be used 2 times and I know this like all old players!


First of all, a bunch of players left old shields and old drones of teleport jerk hooks and other guns that repel 3 turns and are used endlessly! Simply, you are aware of the loss of your advantage in this and criticize let them be inserted into the turn of the units and then you will not be so strong!


Thanks buddy . I’m trying to just finally achieve stability in the game and equality between the players =)