Return old weapons

reenclude bufed versions of old wepons
add old boxes with the expanded item pool(gold boxes, mech part boxes, etc.)

Welcome to the forums! Please understand that the game will not return to it’s old version and just try to enjoy it as much as you can… Good Luck!


Winz…please act nice mate.

Anyways welcome to the forums!
And about the topic…they won’t add it.

I was actually trying to be nice… does it sound mean?

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Yes it did…

And please do it.

Thank you Yoyo man

Didn’t read that.
Sorry xD

Algoods man, mistakes happen

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Ah and i still remember when we both missreaded stuff’s.
Good times lmao.

Welcome to the forums and to be brutally honest

welcome to dah forums!
trust me… they wont do it

ok. i know but i am not saying return the old version. i am saying make an event or something like the portals.