Return of the good sir! Wise freshman!


Howdy all!
I’m now rarely spending fight2winner! Because there’s too much pay2winners!
I’ve still have my medals yeah? But now i trully know how to be humble, gracefull, honest, polite & sportsmanship. I m trying to rise and fall. If i got more than 1 mythical item! Level 57(+ 36(from my lost account) + 28(from old boring days))(121 as total guys!) And yes… how you all doing? Mythical malice beam!


Makes no sense. Your so called dream clan is no where in top 3.


if you do say so yourself.

most people who claim themselves to be humblest most graceful people turn out to be the biggest narcissists of all.


You should read his other comments, he contradicts himself.


I am changed: no longer being liar or lazy: i m here to prove it


Who are you ? This post should he closed . Are you re introducing yourself as not a jerk opposed to the jerk you said you previously were ? Welcome lol


Your secret method isn’t so secret after all