Return God Mode!

Why did you remove God Mode ? Return it !

To be honest, It’s kinda lame and waste of time, an arena battle is faster and you earn more gold

With Reloaded things, it could be interresting…

If you remember right, they was at least 1 more challenge excluding GM: The defeat invisible mech thing (kinda easy to spot tbh XD)

So maybe random generated challenges giving huge amout of coins with speciel rules could be an interresting returning idea…for exemple all mechs could have 3 actions points instead of 2, or non-weapons/torsos/legs items are disabled…

probably would be cool with 1-3k hp (depending on how many times u kill it) a knockback drone improved heat/energy and weapons dmg with 2 knockback
also adding the “new” heat top weapon on it would made it enought interesting to comeback give us a good amount of gold+fortune box

Invisible mech would be interesting to comeback too but with better equipement

the boxing bag mech wasnt so interesting, but it could be added on a builder tool to test items, builds and let players found theyre strategy
also with this tool devs could gather data easier to balance items

Ya i agree it was so cool

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